Friday, September 2, 2016

Casual Friday: Ep. 4

+ I saw this recipe online the other day and I'd like to reiterate my feelings. You already know how I feel about things like toast, iced coffee, ice cream sandwiches, etc. became labeled as "recipes" but this is another pet peeve. That sushi "burrito" is literally just a regular sushi roll that they didn't slice up into bites. Seriously, people? This is like the Hollywood movie era of online recipes. There are no more original ideas.

+ Baker problems: Lusting over a stand mixer that you can only buy in Europe.

+ At the risk of broaching a fairly controversial story that's been in the media lately...I'll just say a quick "amen" to this article. You do you indeed, Colin. (Even if "you" are an "asshole".)

+ I got a haircut Sitka...And I didn't walk out feeling like I could have cut it myself and done just as good of a job! I guess that's the other bonus to having a super short haircut - it's hard to mess it up. Although I'm not thrilled with the price of a haircut in Sitka. I paid this salon almost the same price I paid the salon in Seattle to take my hair from mid-back length to the pixie cut I have now...and I only got a half-inch to an inch taken off yesterday. Where I'm from (reality) we call that a "trim" and it shouldn't cost the same as a full-on brand new hair cut and style. The price of beauty, am I right?

Speaking of hair, I sprayed hairspray directly into my right eye this morning. I don't know how, but it happened and trust me, don't ever do that. First, it stings like a mothertrucker and second, now my eye feels cloudy and like I have the biggest eyelash ever stuck to my eyeball. Working all day at my computer is going to be just so fun.

+ I get to go to Anchorage for the first time tomorrow! 7 years in Alaska and I've never once been to the mainland. So, Isaiah has the weekend off, it's a long/holiday weekend and we had air miles to use so we figured...why the heck not? On the list to do: the Alaska State Fair, eat at all the restaurants, go to all the stores (REI! Cabela's! The mall!), and go for at least one hike.

+ If you ever need therapy but can't afford a therapist, I highly recommend volunteering at your local animal shelter. If dogs are your thing, offer to walk dogs. If cats are your thing, offer to go in and play with the cats - especially if there are kittens that could use some human socialization. There have been TWO litters of kittens at our animal shelter lately and since it's an extension of the police department, Isaiah has keys and therefore unlimited access to the shelter any time day or night. We may or may not have been to visit the kittens at least five or six times over the last couple of weeks and we may or may not have stayed at least two hours every single time. I feel like they're ALL mine and every time one gets adopted I'm thrilled they found a home but I also feel a bit like one of my children have been kidnapped. But seriously though - therapy, I'm telling you.


  1. There is nothing new under the sun. That's what I think every time I see a trailer for a new movie. Or a recipe like that. Have fun in Anchorage! I'm so glad you guys get to go. Volunteering with kittens is genius. I need to do that.

  2. Unlimited access to the kittens?! That sounds like my kind of therapy! I'm loving the little guy chewing on your shoelace.

  3. Have the best time in the city! Shop a lot!

    I don't even use my stand mixer...isn't that awful? And it takes up a lot of counter space.

    I've gotten peroxide, paint, and eye cream in my eye in the last year or so. My contact has saved me each and every time.
    I love the idea of volunteering at a shelter but I'm afraid it would make me sad? I can't even read books about dogs these days. I started crying at school last year, during a sad dog show we were watching.

  4. Have fun in Anchorage! Sounds like it's going to be a blast. I'm with you on the imitation recipe thing. If I see one more "recipe" for some variation of tacos my eyes might roll out of my head.

  5. Hope you guys had a fun weekend away! I'm still kind of in "I hate flying" mode from travel this summer but Angel gets a 9-day school break in December so I think I should plan to go somewhere...but probably somewhere pretty unambitious because Japan was a little ambitious for me.
    Glad you got a great haircut!

  6. LOL. Adopted cat children. And totally know what you mean about movies. And books too! Creativity is dead. RIP.