Thursday, October 20, 2016

Stuff and Things: The Fifth One [Life Lately #2]

Reading: The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman and Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys. So far so good on both of them! I haven't met a WWII historical fiction yet that I don't like, so Sepetys is hitting the spot once again.

Watching: Call the Midwife, season 3. Yep, I'm behind. Really behind.

Listening to: The band Joseph. Kinda folksy, kinda rocker, right up my alley. Check them out!

Wearing: All the sweaters and all the boots, because it's October and 45 degrees outside and the tops of the mountains are turning white which means snow is on the way and all that means is it'll probably dump once mid-November or early December and then not again until like February, and once again my hopes for a white Christmas will be dashed. But you just wanted to know what I was wearing...

Smelling: My new favorite BBW candle, Pumpkin Woods. It's like a mix between Pumpkin Pie and Fresh Balsam, and it's amazing.

Eating: Angie's Boom Chicka Pop candy corn flavored popcorn. Usually I'm a peppermint-or-die girl but it looked too good to pass up at the grocery store, and it's delicious. Plus, I have to wait another month or so for peppermint to be in season. Fun fact: I actually very strongly dislike actual candy corn, but this flavored popcorn is okay. I just have to tell myself I will NOT buy a bag every other day, or come January I'll be having to go to the gym twice a day to get that popcorn back off my midsection.

Drinking: Peppermint tea!! I haven't been in a coffee mood lately so I've been digging through my larger-than-it-needs-to-be tea stash and found my Celestial Seasonings Peppermint and it's been my jam lately.

Loving: My short hair. It's so easy and works so well with my fine/thin hair texture and it takes half the time in the morning.

Hating: That I have to get my hair trimmed about every 7-8 weeks and while normal people would charge for an actual trim, ohhhh no, in Sitka you pay for an actual haircut even if you're only getting half an inch trimmed off. When I got my hair cut from shoulderblade length to what it is now in Seattle, I paid $80 plus tip. When I got 1/2" of hair trimmed off at a salon here in Sitka about a month and a half ago, it was $65 plus tip. What the eff, mate.

Annoyed with: My job, for so many reasons. I cannot wait to quit someday. Who are these people who just LOVE their jobs, anyway? How do you do that? Yesterday I had a coworker asking me all kinds of questions that I didn't really know the answer to, because she was literally afraid to ask the people who would actually know because they're apparently always rude to her. I work in an office full of menopausal women so I'm not surprised, but it's frustrating nonetheless.

Creating: All the crocheted things! I just finished a hat for my mom, I have one friend having a baby, another with a toddler, and a bunch of other people I want to make stuff for for Christmas so I'm slowly but surely working through my yarn stash (which we all know is just code for "as soon as I use some of this up, I can order more.")

Wanting: This t-shirt! It's a tradition that we (me, Isaiah, his brother/wife) go to the movies every Christmas Eve. Last year was, obviously, the new Star Wars movie. This year is the next Star Wars installation but it's a side story that I don't care too much about so I figure this t-shirt would make it more fun to watch. New clothes make everything less boring, right? Plus, it has my birthday on it.

Laughing at: The Ben Shapiro Show. You can listen to his podcasts for free almost every afternoon, and it's all political (so if you hate politics, don't bother) and all very depressing but he manages to make everything kinda funny. I mean, if you can't laugh at 2016, what can you laugh at?

Feeling: Tiiiiiiired!!!! The days are getting shorter and I actually drove to work in the dark this morning. It's only a matter of a few weeks before sunset is at 3:15 in the afternoon and every year I just feel so unprepared for the darkness. It makes me want to be in bed by 7pm like a toddler.

Thinking: That this video is absolutely hilarious. Granted, I do know a ton of millenials with jobs/careers and families who are very reponsible adults...but I also know a ton of millenials who...aren't.

Wishing: That we could have a complete do-over for this election. We have, quite literally, the two worst people in America running against each other and one of them is going to run the country. I want to speak with the people responsible for this and give them a good punch in the face.

Anticipating: Normally I would skip right over Thanksgiving and say I'm anticipating Christmas, but this year I actually get to go HOME for Thanksgiving! Better yet, my mom doesn't know I'm coming (my sister is in on the secret and is picking me up from the airport) so it'll be a surprise, and it's always fun to surprise my mom with a visit. Last time I surprised her was Mothers' Day (2012? 13?) and she cried, and who doesn't like to make their mom cry happy tears??

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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Stuff and Things: The Fourth One [Annoyances & Things I Don't Understand]

Sometimes you just gotta get these things off your chest, you know?

Three-quarter length sleeves. When are these actually useful? If it's cold out, I want long sleeves. If it's hot out (ha ha like never), I want short sleeves. This in-between stuff is nonsense. That said...I almost always roll my flannel shirt sleeves to right below or above my elbows, but I still have the option of long sleeves that way.

People who call and leave voicemails but give zero info. If a voicemail consists of nothing but "Hello, please call me back at 907-xxx-xxxx. Thanks." I'm definitely deleting that shiz. This happens to me at work pretty consistently and I have yet to call someone back if I have no idea what their name is or what they want. Last week I actually had a voicemail that said, and I quote, "Please return my call. Thank you." Hard nope.

Unnecessary cursing. Now, I'm no stranger to a good old fashioned curse word now and again, but I do my best to keep it at a minimum (you try not letting one slip when you grab a stainless steel pot from a 400 degree oven without an oven mitt). What I can't stand are completely random curse words thrown into blog posts/titles, conversations, e-mails, texts, etc. for no good reason other than to...what? Sound cool? Fail. When the title of a blog post is "Books You Need to Read Right This F***ing Minute," I probably won't read any of those books or your blog post either.

Drivers who slow to a crawl before finally flipping on their turn signal while turning. Those people do realize that a turn signal is there to alert other drivers well in advance before the turn actually happens, right? A turn signal is not an "I'm turning rightthissecond" signal.

Pet/baby Instagrams. Just...why? Who are these people who subscribe to a photo feed of nothing but a stranger's dog/cat/child? Before the birth of social media, people would have considered that stalking.

Shipping companies. Not shipping companies in general, but when I submit a quote request for trucking a vehicle cross-country on one website and then somehow end up with 50 e-mails and 20 phone calls and several text messages from a bunch of OTHER companies and now I have to spend half my day unsubscribing from a bunch of e-mail lists I didn't sign up for and avoiding phone calls from Bob and Carlos and Frank and Eddie and Brian and Luis.

The misuse/overuse of the term "bucket list." A bucket list is a list of things you haven't done, but would like to do before you die. Example: "Summiting Mount Rainier is on my bucket list." Therefore, can we stop calling every single list a bucket list? All these "fall bucket lists" I'm seeing floating around...I mean, if carving a pumpkin or buying a plaid blanket scarf is something you've never done but really would like to accomplish if you think you might die before Christmas, then more power to you, but otherwise can we just stop?

Websites that suggest things but don't provide links. I was reading an article today about alternative websites for Etsy sellers to list their products. Not one of the five websites the author listed was linked, which means if I'm interested in any of them, I have to Google to find their website. Yeah, it only takes an extra 30 seconds, but it's annoying. Bloggers do this also. "I bought this super cute and totally affordable new jacket, you should buy it too!" And then they don't give you the link to go look at it, which means I have to go to the store website and try and search for it myself, which is completely irritating and half the time I can't find what they're recommending.

Twitter accounts with nothing but Instagram links. I mean...what's the point? If I want to see someone's photos, I'll follow them on Instagram. I ran across a Twitter account yesterday that was literally (and I use that term literally) nothing but Instagram links. Why!? I feel the same way about Pinterest links automatically posted to Facebook. I mean if you WANT me to unfollow you, then by all means...

What's annoying you lately? Show me I'm not alone with my cranky old lady opinions! And while you're at it, get off my lawn and turn down your music.

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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Bears: Thug Life in the 907

So, I didn't expect to have writer's block so soon. I guess most of the time I just feel like I don't have much to write about. I wake up, shower, go to work, go home, either hang out with my husband or if he's working (most of the time), do some chores/cook food/crochet/Netflix, then go to bed. I eat sometimes, too. Wash, rinse, repeat. I guess I could start doing weekend recaps but nobody really likes to read those, including myself.

Isaiah's going back to night shifts tonight, which always sucks. He was supposed to finally have his turn to work weekdays/day shift and have weekends off (something that hasn't happened since last fall sometime) but due to never-ending staffing issues, he had to go back to night shifts. He technically has weekends off, but since he'll be working Friday nights, he'll have to sleep most of the day on Saturdays. So we really only get Sundays off together. I guess one day a week is better than zero days off together for months at a time, like we've dealt with in the past.

I finally got my Etsy shop back up and running. I know, so cliche. I was mostly ready, I just needed some decent daylight hours to take some pictures. Photos aren't easy when your house gets almost zero natural sunlight. We have about one hour every afternoon where the sun comes in one of our living room windows, but our house is situated on a hill directly above another house, and the neighbors' roof is blue metal. So, every picture I try to take ends up with a dark blue tint, which is super fun to try and edit later. God bless Photoshop, but my pictures will probably always be subpar until we move someday.

Work is work is work. I really have nothing to say about it at this point, other than Halloween and Christmas are coming up which means boxes upon boxes of decorations from the 1990s will be pulled out and vomited up all over the office. Always a treat.

Since August 7th, there have been 5 bear attacks in the vicinity. None within town limits, thankfully, although I'm just waiting for that to happen as there have been multiple reports this last week or two of bears in people's yards, breaking into cars and chicken coops, hanging out on porches, and charging bicyclists alongside the road next to one of our parks. I don't know why people even go outside this time of year. I will say, though, as terrified as I am of bears (they're literally the only thing that gives me nightmares), I had to laugh at this. Sounds like straight up bear thuggery and vandalism to me.