Friday, May 26, 2017

Life Lately #9

Are you even pregnant if you don't take your selfie in the work bathroom
at the most unflattering angle possible?

Reading: Simply Clean: The Proven Method for Keeping Your Home Organized, Clean, and Beautiful in Just 10 Minutes a Day. It's not that I don't know how to clean. I know how to clean. I just don't know how to keep a good cleaning schedule, and before I know it, things like the bathroom floors haven't been mopped in three months and the living room rug hasn't been vacuumed in just as long. It sounds like we live in a pig sty...we don't, I just forget to clean things until they look dirty. We're really good at keeping clutter to a minimum, but actually busting out the cleaning supplies and rags is another story. I need to be better, especially since I won't be able to blame my lack of motivation on a full time job in the near future. These is my confessions!

Watching: Well, we just finished binging season 3 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (she alive, dammit!), and I just noticed that Netflix added the new season of Sherlock, so that's probably next on the list. Other than that, I'm open to Netflix suggestions.

Listening to: The new Linkin Park and Blink 182 albums. Hello, high school/college flashbacks. I'm actually enjoying both, though - LP in particular sounds less angry on this album than in the past and I can't say I hate it, since I'm not an angsty 18 year old anymore. 

Wearing: Well, I'm down to rotating through the same five or six maternity t-shirts and just wearing them with various cardigans and button-up shirts (not buttoned, clearly) for some variation. I'd love something new at this point but I'm basically refusing to buy anything since I only have a month left, and I'd rather save my money for some new non-maternity clothes this fall. 

Eating: A LOT of berries. I still hesitate to really call anything a craving, because it's not like I'll die if I can't get ahold of some strawberries, but anything with berries or lemons just tastes amazing lately. On the same note, have you ever eaten frozen blueberries just as a snack? Holy delicious.

Loving: That this baby is moving so much that I haven't even had to bother doing kick counts. 10 movements in 2 hours? More like 10 movements in 2 minutes, all freaking day long. Her favorite thing is to punch/elbow me in the left hip while simultaneously jamming her feet up under my right rib. I'm honestly starting to wonder if she's even going to like being swaddled, because she sure likes to stretch out in there as much as possible.

Not Loving: Slightly not loving that she's moving SO much. I love having the peace of mind that she's alive and healthy, but after hours on end of almost constant movement, I just want her to take a nap because I start getting nauseated and really uncomfortable. My organs need a break sometimes!

Annoyed with: People who keep insisting on using the word "literally" when they apparently have no idea what it means. I heard someone say they "literally died" the other day when something happened to them. Really?? Did you literally, actually, physically die?? Are we speaking with a ghost right now?? That, and people who use the slang phrase "Netflix and chill" to mean they actually watched Netflix and ate junk food or whatever. That's not what it means, and now I'm just confused by how you actually spent your Friday night. If you actually watched Netflix and ate snacks, say so. If you mean it the other way, that's gross, and I don't need or want to know that much about your personal life.

Wanting: Nursing bras that actually fit properly. Why do they all fit so weird!? I ordered a set from Amazon and they sucked so bad I sent them back the very next day. Then I ordered a sports bra, two sleeping bras and two regular bras from Motherhood Maternity (which took 3 1/2 weeks to arrive, omg I hate UPS SurePost). The regular bras are just okay, we'll see how they fit when I actually need them. The sleeping bras are fine, they are what they are. The sports bra...oh my hell. I don't think they ever tried that thing on an actual person. Back it went and I'm hoping the two regular bras end up working because by the time I can test them out it'll probably be too late to send them back.

Laughing at: 

35 Humor Quotes about work #work humor #funny

Two more weeks...Lord, beer me strength.

Feeling: Very frustrated with family members who tell, don't ask. My mom was supposed to come visit us and the new baby over 4th of July weekend, and then come visit again for a whole week in August while Isaiah has to be out of town for a work training. She had previously invited my aunt, who lives in Michigan, to come visit her for a long Memorial Day weekend. Next thing I know, I'm learning that my aunt has not asked, but has informed my mother that she will be coming for two full weeks, not a long weekend. My mom has limited PTO at her job, which means her 4th of July trip to Alaska is now cancelled and she's not sure exactly when or for how long she can come in August.

Hoping: That the last month of pregnancy flies by. That this girl decides to come on time or a few days early. That when I walk out of the building on my last day of work, I don't immediately start getting frantic phone calls asking me questions because they can't figure something out. 

Anticipating: This three day weekend. I need it, and badly.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

8 months down, 1 to go.

+ I have started losing things. I thought that pregnancy brain meant you just get a little forgetful, but no. Last week I somehow lost the remote to our tv's sound bar. I was folding baby clothes on the couch, placed each item one at a time into a dresser drawer sitting in front of me on the ottoman, carried each drawer into the bedroom one at a time to put them back in the dresser, and when I sat back down on the couch, the remote was missing. I have scoured the house looking for that stupid thing, and it is nowhere to be found. Isaiah even helped me move the couch and search in between every single couch cushion, under the rug, inside every. single. item. of baby clothing I folded, and it is gone. And if we don't want to get up from the couch every time we need to adjust the volume like total peasants, I'm now forced to spend fifteen bucks on a new remote.

Then, this morning, I drove to work, parked, and went to pick up the car keys from the cup holder where I always put them and they were gone. We have a push button start in our Jeep and it won't work without the keys physically inside the car, so I re-started the car and it worked, which told me the keys were still somewhere inside the vehicle. I searched my purse, my lunch bag, underneath the seats, in the BACK of the car just in case, and nothing. It took me a solid five minutes before I finally found them wedged in between the passenger seat and the center console. And let me tell you, searching small places inside a car is suddenly one of the most difficult things I've ever had to do, thanks to my almost-9 month pregnant stomach.

You have to understand, I do not lose things. I just don't. I have a fairly photographic memory and I can almost always picture where I last set something down, but I told Isaiah I can no longer be trusted with anything smaller than our cat because it is almost guaranteed to disappear.

+ My emotions have suddenly kicked into high gear. I have been 100% fine this entire pregnancy as far as hormone-induced emotions are concerned, but I cried actual tears this last weekend because my husband made plans for us to go over to our friends' house for dinner on Monday night. I've just been so exhausted and brain dead after work every day that I absolutely could not fathom having to go spend an entire evening engaging in intelligent conversation and witty banter. And I like these people! A lot! It took me several minutes of deep breathing and a good hour of searching Pinterest for a dessert to make/take to their house before I finally calmed down.

Every little thing has started irritating me. Thankfully it hasn't really (to my recollection) bled over into my marital relationship but at work? Oh mylanta. Every day there's someone I want to punch, and it's over relatively silly things. I'm probably just dealing with short-timer's syndrome since I have two and a half weeks left, but if I get asked the same questions from the same people one more time, or if that one coworker doesn't quit making such a racket every time he walks into the break room/kitchen next to my office, or if that other coworker doesn't quit busting loudly into my office without even pausing or knocking to tell me she's taking a 15 minute break and can I please answer the reception line while she's gone, I'm going to freaking lose my mind.

Oh, and if one more person tells me how much my life is going to change once the baby gets here...look, I can handle a lot of things. I'm the kind of person that leans toward giving people the benefit of the doubt with their words and I choose not to get offended by the silly things people sometimes say. But dude...I'm 33 years old, I've been married for over 7 years, we're financially stable, we own a house, we planned this. The next person that says "Get ready for a big change!" is going to hear me say very sarcastically, "Oh...really?! Crap, had no idea. Is it too late to change my mind? Well, there's always adoption if this doesn't work out."

+ I never fully understood this meme before...

Image result for pregnancy length meme

...but now I do, and it's so true. Up until recently, it didn't feel like that long ago that I was staring in disbelief at a positive pregnancy test. Now, I swear it's been at least five years. I don't necessarily want the baby to come soon because it's better for her health if she doesn't, but...I wouldn't be terribly disappointed if she wanted to come at 39 instead of 40 weeks. I'm my mother's firstborn and I was born on my actual due date (punctuality is my middle name), so I don't really think I'm hoping for too much.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Things I Like #2

These Simple makeup remover/facial wipes are inexpensive and work really well. They're not super soaking wet, but they're not too dry, either. I don't tend to wear a ton of makeup, so I rarely actually wash my face before bed (I know, I know). Instead, I use side to remove all my eye makeup and the other side to clean off my skin.

We recently bought this faux fur ottoman (in the color "wolf") to put in the baby's room, but you definitely don't have to have a baby to appreciate them. They're on sale right now, they're nice and heavy and they're soft as all heck.

I'm normally a diehard Madewell t-shirt lover, and frankly I honestly cannot wait to be able to fit into my old t-shirts again. In the meantime, though, these Target ones are a nice substitute. They're really soft and really flowy, and I bought a size larger than I would normally wear so I can fit into them now and they'll (hopefully) also disguise my stomach for a while after I poop this baby out. For reference, I bought them in medium and I'm 8 months pregnant and they fit my belly, so that should tell you how flowy they are. Size down if you hate oversized stuff. They're also 8 bucks, so I mean...

For the life of me I can't figure out the negative reviews, because I have this Essence blush in the color Heat Wave and I absolutely love it. It looks intimidatingly bright in the pan, but if you're careful with your application, it's the perfect shade of coral/hot pink. Nice and summery, and it lasts on my skin all day, which I always appreciate whether a blush is five bucks or twenty.

If you're into brow pencils, you really can't beat this micro brow pencil from Nyx. I've purchased and repurchased (and repurchased) this pencil for a couple of years now, and I have yet to find anything I like better that even comes close to the price. It's creamy enough to glide on smoothly, but not so creamy that it rubs off on your face/fingers if you touch your eyebrows (and you can set it with a brow powder if you're that worried about it). The pencil tip is really thin and in my opinion, they're pretty comparable to the Anastasia Brow Wiz pencils everyone raves about - except those will run you $21.00 per pencil. If you decide to try the Nyx pencil, keep an eye on Ulta prices. They regularly have sales on Nyx products, buy one get one half off.

Finally, a well-deserved shoutout to a small Etsy business called Love, Amalie Maren. I ordered this set of three baby headbands recently, and they are adorable. She has a ton of colors and patterns you can choose from and you can buy them as singles or in sets of three. If you're not super into baby bows and are more into wraps/turbans, check them out. There are adult sizes, too!

Don't worry, none of these links are sponsored - I don't play like that. They're just things I like, therefore you probably need to know about them.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Things I no longer take for granted

+ Being able to bend over to put on socks/tie my shoes without essentially suffocating myself.

+ Not involuntarily grunting when getting up out of a chair/off the couch/out of bed/off the toilet/out of the car.

+ The ability to climb the stairs in our home without my heart racing like I just ran a mile.

+ Not taking a full minute to roll over in bed, attempting to get comfortable again, and then laying there for a good ten minutes trying to fall back asleep.

+ Standing up after sitting for longer than five minutes without my tailbone feeling like it's going to crack in half.

+ Being able to eat without all my food feeling like it's sitting in my chest...and then forcing its way back up my throat for a good hour afterward whenever I burp.

+ Not needing Tums on me at. all. times. always.


+ Being able to pop an Aspirin or three whenever I get a headache.

+ Sleeping more than one hour at a time.

+ Zipping up my jackets/buttoning up my shirts.

+ The ability to reach into the bottom of the washing machine for wet clothes.

On a lighter note...6 1/2 weeks to go until this kid's due date, and while I'm under no delusion that I'll miraculously be less tired, I am definitely looking forward to being able to bend all the way over and sleep on my stomach again. I also just ordered a pair of harem/jogger type pants with a stretchy waistband and, thanks to the encouragement of my husband, I now fully intend on figuring out how to wear them to work without looking like a complete slob.

God bless him.