Thursday, December 29, 2016

Stuff & Things: The Sixth One

Welcome to Thursday, where random thoughts are the name of the game and the prize is getting to read about everything going on in my head lately, lucky you. On second thought, maybe the prize should be an extra strong margarita can have mine.

So, Christmas happened. It was nice and quiet and full of food and movie binging, just how I like it. I made my annual cinnamon coffee cake, there was black licorice covered chocolate and cat-themed socks in my stocking, and Isaiah bought me an Instant Pot and an iPad Pro, which was definitely outside of the Christmas budget we had set for ourselves, but I'm not complaining. His reasoning was that I'm going to be at home alone all day (and all night) with a baby soon, my iPad 2 is old and slow and heavy and barely good for anything but a paperweight, and with the Pro I can use the Apple Pencil to do artwork and lettering, and who am I to argue with all that?

I made a traditional English fruitcake for the first time this year, too. It was as dark, dense and disgusting as I thought it would be. Maybe it's just me, but I don't really enjoy cake made out of mostly raisins and prunes. Isaiah loves it, however, and that was the whole point. This may be the first cake in existence that I have not eaten a single slice.

Next on deck, the year 2017. I can't complain too much about this past year, there were definitely some highs and lows, but that's every year as an adult. 2017 is going to be full of a lot of unknowns and new experiences, which I'm simultaneously excited and slightly nervous about, because who isn't nervous about walking (actully, slamming head first) into something they know virtually nothing about?

I'm not really a fan of new year resolutions or choosing a "word of the year", because I think that we should always be setting goals for ourselves and always be working on being better versions of ourselves. My friend Anna wrote a good post about this concept, you can just go read that and know that I'm over here with a big "ditto."

I will say this about the new year, it just me, or does "2017" just sound super futuristic and like how did we even get to this point? I remember being a kid and thinking the year 2000 sounded like something out of a sci-fi movie and here we are, nearly two decades later and it's not any less weird. On a related note, I feel super old.

Here are things I hope will happen in 2017.

I would like Instagram to get rid of the stupid Boomerang feature. If I have to watch one more set of clinking drink glasses or a backwards/forwards flowing waterfall, I'm going to lose it. I would also like every social media outlet that is not Snapchat to ban the use of Snapchat filters on photos. Trust me, you look better as a person, not a squeaky-voiced giraffe.

I would like people to start blogging about real life more, and advertising less. I can count on one hand the number of new blogs I've found this year that weren't in existence for the purpose of straight up moneymaking. I get it, if you have a lot of followers the occasional sponsored post is understandable (as long as it's for something awesome and not for menstrual pads or fabric softener because really??) but when one out of ten posts actually relates to real life, forget it.

I would like companies to get better hold music. I've been writing this while on hold with state Medicaid for the last hour and a half, and I've had to listen to the same three (bad) piano/orchestra songs over and over. Can't we at least get some top 40 or something?

I would like people to be more outraged about things like abortion/baby murder and less outraged about things like Cinnabon Tweeting that Carrie Fisher had the "best buns in the galaxy."

I would like my coworkers to adopt better kitchen and bathroom habits. Nine out of ten times I go in the kitchen, I have to clean up before I can make my food. Last week it was coffee, crumbs and half-and-half spills all over the counter all day, every day. This week it was something white splattered all over the front of the microwave. EVERY week it's unidentifiable food stuck all over the inside of the microwave and dirty dishes in the sink. I'm about to make a sign, a'la Pam Beesly.

My boss also had to send out an email earlier this week requesting that whoever is leaving poop smears all over the toilet seats please start cleaning up after themselves (I'm not joking), because the entire office is grossed out. Not an email you'd expect to have to send/receive in an office full of adults. I, myself, have had to clean up these poop smears on at least two occasions and one time it was all over the seat, back of the toilet, side of the sink, and toilet paper roll. I don't know who on earth makes it past 5 years old and doesn't learn that that's not okay, but I almost went home sick that day.

So, here's to a cleaner, less poopy new year. Until June, at least, when lots and lots of poop will make a grand reappearance in my life and I'll be cleaning it up all day, every day. At least babies are cute. My coworkers are not.

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  1. I could not agree more with all of this. I hate Boomerang and words of the year have never made sense to me. You have no idea what's going to happen!

    I don't understand the celebrity death devastation. People are upset like a family member died. I mean, of course it's sad when someone dies, but the freak outs? I don't understand at all.

    POOP SMEARS?!?!?!?

  2. I thought I was the only one in my circle of bloggers who had to deal with bathroom issues, from "there's a bad word written on the wall" to "someone didn't flush" to "the paper towels are jammed" to "it's out of soap". Holy crap (literally).

    I, personally, just hope Snapchat disappears.

    Way to go with the new iPad! I *want* one but I don't need one. Mine is 5 years old, but it never leaves the house, so it'll do. Though...maybe Isaiah means "netflix" when he said "artwork and lettering". Because I'd just end up watching stuff.

  3. Someone actually did make a sign for my office regarding dishes in the sink, and it's helped a lot! I think poop smears is totally gross but LOL to an email memo about it. Good grief.

  4. HOW DO ADULTS NEED TO BE TOLD ABOUT POOP SMEARS? That's just so very wrong. "Hmm... better stop putting my poop in the toilet and smear it everywhere just for giggles." It's like an office whodunnit. Terrifying.

    I read something that was talking about how Trainspotting is 30 years old and came out in 1996. 2017 does feel really far in the future, I agree, but I had to double check that it wasn't actually that far removed from 1996...

    That fruit cake sounds like the kind of thing I give Parker when he's constipated. I think I could maybe eat some, but prunes and cherries are just no.

  5. I've never attempted to eat or make a fruitcake. I don't think it would be my cup of tea, but yours looks lovely!

    I'm a little shocked and appalled at your coworkers bathroom habits. I deal with poop smears occasionally but I also work primarily with 3 year old children. Also...on the SINK?!

  6. I agree with less advertising on blogs. Once in a while is fine but I hate when that's the whole purpose. 2017 doesn't even sound real to me. I still vividly remember the new year in 2000 and the Y2K drama!!

  7. Ughhhh the bathroom stories are just giving my beauty school flashbacks and I don't want to remember that. ha!

    I seriously wonder how long it's going to take me to remember to write 2017 on everything I date. Being born in the 90s is starting to sound like a long time ago and that's just crazy.

    Real life blogs are the best. I've never gotten the appeal of advice/sponsored lifestyle blogs. Sponsored post, sure, not an entire sponsored life.

  8. I am with you on the advertising thing!!! It drives me crazy most of the time.

  9. I agree a 1000% about the fact that there needs to be more outrage over abortion instead of stupid crap- I'm not certain how anyone can fight for any rights if they don't believe the most basic one (the right to exist without someone ending their existence) is of the most importance. But I will stop there :)
    Also, I work in a HOSPITAL and the messes are just as bad in the STAFF bathrooms. The lady in charge of housekeeping and infection control had to send out an email reminding people to flush the toilets and get this- NOT WIPE BOOGERS ON THE WALL ?!

    1. It really is one of those topics that I, too, could go on about for days...!

      Boogers on the wall!!?? My mom loves to tell a story of how I did that when I was a kid during my naptimes...but I Was like, three years old. Not an adult working in a hospital. GROSS!!!!