Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Life Lately #4

Reading: Still plugging away at Alicia: My Story by Alicia Appleman-Jurman. It's a bit of a slow read. Probably because I've been too busy/tired to read lately, but it's also one of those books you read and you think you've read a ton and then you look and you've only read another 3% of the book. So, according to my Kindle app, I'm at about 40% finished, but I feel like I've been reading this book for a year. Watch it be one of those where the last 25% is just photos and such and I'm farther along than I thought.

Watching: I've started rewatching House from the beginning in the evenings while Isaiah is working. It's a show I enjoy and can usually stay awake to watch, and if I fall asleep, it's no big deal because I've already seen it from start to finish. I enjoy living vicariously through Hugh Laurie because even though he's a huge jerk 99.9% of the time, sometimes I wish I could get away with speaking exactly what's on my mind like that.

Listening to: My new favorite Christmas album, "Christmas Songs" by Penny and Sparrow. I just love their rendition of Come Thou Fount. It's on the Spotify playlist I posted the other day, if you're interested in giving it a listen.

Wearing: A constant rotation of Christmas flannel pjs from Old Navy (well, except when I'm at work, though I would if I could). 'Tis the season!! My new pair this year has cats on them. CATS. IN SOCKS. WITH CANDY CANES. They were basically made for me.

Smelling: A new oil diffuser we got the other day from a local shop. Our credit union gave us a $50 gift card for using them to finance our new Jeep, and lately candles don't smell like anything but burning wick to me (even my beloved Bath and Body Works candles, RIP) so a diffuser seemed like the right answer. It's a balsam scent, mixed with some other good things like vanilla and mandarin. My nose only picks out pine tree, but that's fine. Better than straight up burning wick and fire. Even my beloved Marshmallow Fireside candle hasn't smelled the same, boo hiss.

Eating: An apple, my standard first breakfast these days. It wasn't the best one, if you're wondering. The skin was too bitter.

Loving: Being done with Christmas parties, neighborly baking, cooking for potlucks, Christmas it's all downhill until C-Day (...that's Christmas Day).

Not Loving: Christmas parties with people I don't really know very well who are already 8 drinks deep by the time my husband and I agree it's time to leave at 8:30pm. Not my thing.

Creating: A gnome mobile for the kid's room. I'm about 2/3rds finished with it and I'm pretty excited about how it's turning out. 

Wanting: To stop waking up a million times a night. I don't know what's going on with my sleep patterns lately, but I wake up feeling like I got about 4 hours of sleep. Last night, it was raining and hailing so hard on our metal roof that I woke up at least three times from that alone. 

Laughing at: This Tweet:

Feeling: FAT. I'm told that virtually every pregnant woman goes through a fat stage before you actually start looking pregnant, but I had no idea what a mental game it was really going to be. Part of my brain realizes that this is necessary to grow a healthy baby, but the other part of me, the part who spent the better part of the last two years doing a crap ton of nutrition and fitness research and really getting to know my body and working out really hard to get in the best shape of my life just wants to cry in the corner. 

Hoping: That everyone in my family likes their Christmas presents this year. I kind of went out on a little bit of a limb with some of them, and hopefully they're everything everyone was hoping for and dreaming of. If not, that's why God made gift receipts.

Anticipating: I'll give you a hint: It rhymes with "schmissmas."


  1. R is a sad, deprived child. I never ended up making or buying a mobile for her. Fail! I bet the gnome one will be adorable!

  2. I asked for those pajama pants for Christmas!! I told my mom it was #1 on the list of gift priorities.

    That tweet. I'm giggling like a fool.

    I NEED TO SEE THIS MOBILE. Gnomes are everything.

  3. I've started and stopped House so many different times haha. I need to get back to it.

    1. I love that show! I think it started off a little bit slow but as the seasons go on, you kind of get invested in the characters. At least I did. ;)

  4. I didn't get the last present in the mail until Wednesday. Holy fail, right?
    I went with what I went with and if they don't like their gifts...well, I'm out of ideas.

    I only buy Opal apples or golden delicious (sometimes honeycrisp in the fall). A bad apple skin is the worst. But I imagine your selection isn't amazing in Sitka.

  5. House was the new show we discovered and watched all the way through this year. Being myself, there's a lot of closing my eyes/ ignoring the medical parts. Angel being Angel, he has a lot to say about why are doctors doing everything that nurses would be doing and the sometimes off-pronunciations of drugs. But it's fun and you do get invested in some of the characters. My mom says the same thing about House--he says the kind of things you wish you could say sometimes. He also reminds our whole family of my mom's brother, a surgeon. From what I've heard, he's actually really nice to his patients but he's naturally more of a House type, and that's the side we hear at family gatherings.