Thursday, January 12, 2017

I have things to say about this whole "pregnancy" business.

+ I always knew I had a somewhat small bladder, but holy crap. The last week or two, I've actually started to get a legit baby bump (freaking finally), which naturally is making me have to pee more often. Here's the problem, and why that's especially annoying: Sometimes I have to pee SO BAD, so I go to the bathroom, and then all of ten seconds later, I'm finished. I feel like there should be a whole lot more liquid in there than that, but no. Ten seconds and I'm done, and 30 minutes later I have to do it all over again. Darn you, tiny bladder and increased water intake.

+  When I was a kid, I loved cow milk...I loved it so much that my mom eventually had to turn into the legit milk police and limit me to one cup of milk per meal, otherwise I would go through gallons a week. Then, as I got older, milk somehow turned disgusting to me. I couldn't even stomach the taste of it in my mouth unless it was baked into a cake or something. I haven't had an actual glass of milk in at least a decade, probably longer. Until this morning. I was starving, I ran out of Greek yogurt, I had a bag of granola stashed in my desk drawer and there was a half gallon of 2% milk in the fridge at work, and I thought...what the heck, I'll try it. At least there's protein in milk, right? I figured I could choke it down for the baby.

I have never tasted anything so good in my life. After years of utterly despising that nasty, fatty, milky taste in my mouth, I ate my granola and DOWNED the rest of the milk and had a brief moment where I even considered going back for seconds. I managed to find my self control so I didn't finish the rest of that community container of milk intended for coffee, and I probably won't make a habit of swapping my usual almond milk for cow milk any time soon, but I'm still in shock over this situation.

+ Maternity jeans are life. For the last few weeks, I've just been using the rubberband trick while still wearing my regular jeans. I could have continued doing that, but they were starting to dig into my stomach and cause some serious pain after sitting at my desk at work for any length of time. Cue the maternity jeans. I bought this pair by H&M for half price on eBay (brand new!) and glory hallelujah, I can breathe again and I don't have permanent indents in my waistline from seams and buttons. I should have started wearing them two weeks ago.

+ I'm finally over that hump of feeling just plain old fat and out of shape, praise the Lord. It's been a rough month. Everyone tells you to just embrace it, it won't last, your body's going to change shape anyway so might as well get used to it, yadda yadda, but I've worked HARD for the last two years to get into really good shape. We're talking strict eating habits, going to the gym regularly, reuniting with the treadmill, hiking for miles and miles on mountain after mountain, and so on and so forth. Working that hard to be happy with your body and then suddenly gaining weight and not being able to do jack squat about it is like working for two years to declutter your home, changing your shopping habits, sticking to a strict cleaning schedule, and then having someone bring a truckload of trash to your house, dump it in your living room and say, "There's nothing you can do about this, just get used to it! Embrace it! Live with it! It's for the baby!" Not fun, especially with first trimester sickness and being simultaneously so nauseated and so tired that eating right and working out are not even in the realm of possibility.

But I'm doing better now. I'm working out, I'm back to eating the way I (mostly) like to eat, and these maternity jeans have the added bonus of slimming my waistline while simultaneously making my belly look like there's actually a baby in there, not like I've been eating Thanksgiving dinner every night.

+ I honestly would like to know how people have the patience to wait to find out their baby's sex until it's born. I've been having to stop myself from even looking at baby clothes online, because most gender neutral stuff is not that cute, and it's pointless to shop when we won't know for another couple of weeks what we're having. It's hard when you know your baby has been a boy or girl since the moment of conception, but you have to wait FIVE MONTHS to find out whether he is a he or she is a she.

+ Confession: I am absolutely terrified - terrified - of somehow getting diastisis recti. My stomach and abs (ahem, or lack thereof) have always been the area of my body I've been most self conscious of, and I am paranoid that after the baby is born, I won't be able to go back to working out like I was before. I am paranoid that my abs are going to split apart completely and I'll forever look six months pregnant.

I'm not worried about giving birth. I'm worried about what's going to happen afterward.

+ Confession #2: This might be the most ridiculous baby "must have" that I have ever seen. Whatever did parents do before they had a $165 cushion to lay their baby on!? And don't forget the cover! That'll only run you another $60, turning this into a $200+ miniature mattress. Eyerolls for days, not sorry about it.

It's a good thing minimalism is somewhat popular these days because I don't get as many weird looks when I say that no, we're not buying a swing or Boppy pillow and no, we're not buying a crib and a changing table and a dresser and no, we're not planning to buy $60 crib sheets or $50 baby moccasins and no, we're not buying a stupid Dock-a-Tot.


  1. I have many thoughts, but since this was in your last paragraph I will comment on these: is there a particular reason you're against a Boppy pillow? Because I used that thing like 12 times a day when she was a newborn and took it every time we went to Texas and basically used it exclusively for nursing for like the first 6 months. It's awesome. Secondly, I too would have scoffed at $50 moccasins but R is 17 months and she basically has ONLY had one pair of shoes ever since she was wearing shoes, and it was her mocs. They are awesome, and Baby Bum 2 will be getting a pair for sure. Some adults spend more on shoes they don't wear half as much. I'm not trying to poo poo on your minimalism. I am with you on most things (fancy crib sheets they will inevitably just poop on???? No) but some things really are worth it. Just my opinion of course :) I will tell you one thing that is a total waste of money: a changing table cover/sheet. Oh my gosh don't get me started. As soon as I put it on, R pees on it. Ridiculous. We just don't even have one on anymore.

    1. I have to agree that some things (especially footwear and outerwear) are definitely worth spending a bit more on, especially if you like to spend a lot of time outdoors in your climate.

      I myself never did use a nursing pillow. Just the pillows that were already on the bed or couch. Or I would bunch up a blanket under the baby.

    2. Minnetonka moccasins are just as cute and durable and more than half the price :) I can't do the Freshly Picked moccasin thing. Can't do it. Especially when your kid grows out of shoes in 5 minutes.

  2. I have a hard time envisioning where I would PUT baby stuff. People who buy all-the-stuff either have room to spare or end up with their house looking like Babies-R-Us. I won't even let the dog crate be on the main floor lol.

    The milk thing really makes me chuckle. I recently got back in the direction of cow's milk, just because I like it in coffee.

  3. Do me one favor?! Please get a swing hahaha I write this as E is sleeping soundly in hers. It really does make nap times so much easier when you are trying to get things done. :)

    1. Haha, we got a Rock and Play instead. Folds up and can move from room to room and the kid can sleep in it for the first few nights (maybe) until we switch to the crib :)

    2. Oh yeah we have the rock n play in our room that E still sleeps in at night, we keep the swing downstairs and it makes cooking so much easier haha!

  4. Getting an actual belly definitely is one of the most exciting things about being pregnant. Second to feeing those big rolls kicks and movements in the late second and third trimester.

    I don't have a dock a tot, but definitely see the appeal. It's a cozy spot for baby to sleep (and they DO like to be cozy), it's a portable sleep space, and I feel like it would keep a baby just a bit more safe around older siblings who refuse to be aware of their surroundings. But the price tag is a little much.

    You definitely don't need All The Apparatuses. We have a small swing that was given to us and that's it. I'm sure our kids would have liked other things, but it's not necessary. They have learned pretty well to be happy without much.

  5. I was never a milk drinker growing parents drank a lot of it, but Justin and I just hardly ever bought it because neither of us drank it. UNTIL I GOT PREGNANT. We bought some for a recipe and I ended up pouring a glass of it to drink with something and now I drink it ALL THE TIME.

    Amen and hallelujah for maternity jeans (any maternity pants in general). I'm still wearing my regular sweatpants and pj pants but it's hard to envision going back to dress pants and jeans with buttons and zippers.

    And the dock-a-tot? Just no. I can't believe how expensive baby stuff is, especially when you'll only be using most of it for a few months/a year or so. Obviously there are quite a few things we are buying new and will want to keep for the future, but we have been very fortunate to be able to either borrow or buy used from friends.

  6. You do not need a swing. I think it would have been helpful certain nights, but it's something you can definitely live without. I have found shoes for Gracie for under $20 that are durable and cute. Do not fall for the crap that you have to shell out $60 for metallic moccasins. You absolutely don't. I am so tired of seeing those everywhere! From one baby gear minimalist to another, I salute you. It's totally possible.

  7. Angel always says our kid will sleep in a cardboard box. I'm not sure why he says that specific thing because I would say certainly NOT I am NOT putting a baby in a cardboard box....but we are both definitely on the side of being minimalist. But with a bazillion doting family members I highly doubt that any child of ours would be in danger of having too little stuff.

  8. I've been waiting for a pregnancy update!!

    We were pretty minimalist with baby items too and I don't think we got anything we didn't use. I don't know your space situation, but some things like a Boppy might be nice to have just in case. If you don't use it you can return it. If you plan on nursing it might be helpful at the beginning while you get the hang of things. Because Annabelle was so small it was harder for me to use pillows because she'd fall through the cracks. It was also nice for propping her up when she started to sit. We didn't have a swing until about 2 months in when my MIL bought us one. It turned out being GREAT and she used it until she was almost 1, but I didn't want to spend money on it in the beginning. If you have any out there in the boonies, kids consignment shops are great.

    Please take any/all things I say with the understanding that in no way am I trying to sound like a know it all mom. ;)

  9. Hooray for a bump! That's when you start feeling less fat and more actually pregnant!

    Maternity jeans are amazing. I miss them.

    The diastisis recti I never had, but I found prenatal pilates to help me a lot in the last few months. Robin Long has some really good videos on Youtube.

    We live with relatives and so we are pretty darn minimalistic over here. That being said, some things I would have gone crazy without. But, you really may not know what you want/need until you get there. We used our swing for Ellie ALL the time, but Oliver didn't care for it too much.

    How long until you find out what the gender is?? I think I remember you mentioning cloth diapering a LONG time ago, are you still debating it?

  10. I'm with team boppy up there. That's a big nursing pillow, right? They're really helpful when nursing the really little babies without neck control. I got mine for $30 or something and get a ton of use out of it. Right now it's giving me a free hand while nursing when I'd otherwise need to use two.

    The weekend before Molly was born I drank a whole 2L carton of goat milk in 36 hours. I couldn't stop. I guess babies really do like milk.

    I am so ready to find out the sex of your baby already. It's it time yet?