Thursday, December 8, 2016

Spotify Sessions, Vol. 3: Christmas 2016

In case you're unaware, Christmas is exactly two weeks from Sunday, and this tinsel and holly loving girl could not be more excited about it.

I was actually pretty stressed out until this morning, when I finally finished my Christmas shopping. I know, it seems like it's still early to be worrying about finishing shopping, but you're talking to someone who is normally finished by the time midnight on Black Friday hits, and normally all the things I've ordered have already come in the mail and are either wrapped and under the tree or packed safely in a box to mail to relatives.

On the other hand, it's kind of nice to not have a bunch of presents under the tree already because normally when that happens, I start trying to convince Isaiah that it would be a good idea if we started opening presents just a little bit early. I swear, I'm not five years old.

All I have left now is to decorate my office at work (if I have to work for a couple hours on Saturday you better believe it's going to be spent hanging lights) and make candy for the neighbors. Sometimes I make jam, sometimes I make cookies, this year I decided to be ambitious and a little bit out of the box and make a few different kinds of candy. On deck are cream cheese mints, peppermint layered fudge, caramel/chocolate covered marshmallows, and candied almonds. I'll be honest, I'd be perfectly fine skipping the neighborly gifts this year because only one person seems to actually appreciate it and it ends up being more stressful than it's actually worth, but at least I get to practice my candy making skillz and probably have leftovers.

Anyway, I digress, because the point of this post is really just to give you a Christmas playlist that you can blast while you're wrapping your own presents or making candy, or whatever. I thought about just posting a playlist for my new favorite Christmas album, but decided that would be a little bit on the lazy side, so I'm doing a compilation of a variety of my favorite songs instead. (That album would be Christmas Songs by Penny and's on repeat and I can't stop.)

Enjoy, and I hope your holidays are past the stressful point too!


  1. Yay for having your Christmas shopping done!!!! :)

    1. FINALLY!! It's such a huge weight off, haha.

  2. Way to finish your shopping! I just need stocking stuffers. And I have to wrap. Sigh.

    I'm listening to your playlist! The first song so far is on point. I've been working on one too, but it's massive.

  3. Christmas music just makes me instantly happier, every time!

  4. My sisters and I have already been suggesting different reasons for opening up Christmas presents early. The official decision is family present opening on the morning of Saturday, the 24th, since my dad's preaching in a city a couple hours away for Christmas and we'll spend most of that day in the car. The parents had suggested presents on the 26th but were very, very outvoted.

  5. I am lucky in that we always open presents early with Justin's family. Because between us and his brothers someone is always traveling or gone for Christmas Day so we usually have "Christmas" the weekend before.

    ...but that means it's this weekend coming up and we do not have all of our shopping done. Yikes.

  6. Those candies sound so delicious!! Have fun decorating your office!