Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Mic Check

Well, hello! Is this thing on? Let me start this off by saying: It's weird to be back. I've been very close to opening this thing back up no less than a dozen times, but every time I talk myself out of it. Alas, I am once again finding myself short on human interaction and what better place to turn than the internet, right? It's a little bit like reconnecting with an old friend. It's exciting to have them back in your life, but a little nervewracking because you've changed...they've changed...how exactly is this going to go? Will we be best friends again or will it fizzle and die even quicker than the last time?

Should we start taking bets now??

It's been a long, but very short 18 months (to the day!) since my last post. I wish I could report that something crazy or life-altering has happened, but the truth is, I'm still here just plugging away as usual. There have been some changes here and there, of course, and if you follow me on Instagram you've probably seen most of them.

Isaiah finished his academy training - the longest 12 weeks of both of our lives - and probationary period at the police department last fall so he's a bona fide officer now. His schedule has not always been ideal for either one of us but we're thankful that overtime pays pretty well, and I don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing him in a uniform.

We semi-recently refloored almost our entire house, leaving basically only the bathrooms and laundry room still needing work. We visited my mom in Seattle in early July and while we were there we installed a brand new toilet in her bathroom, which of course has given me major toilet envy. Being an adult still weirds me out sometimes.

We also took a trip to Iceland last month, which was simultaneously nerve wracking and completely thrilling. It was my first time visiting another continent and I've officially been bitten by a giant travel/backpacking bug - it was worth the 4 months of planning it took to make sure we weren't going to die in the wilderness on another continent. We did a lot of sightseeing, but the highlight of the trip by far was the 4 day, 55 km backpacking trip we did in the interior of the country. I've seen a lot of amazing scenery in my life, but even pictures can't fully encompass the beauty of the Laugavegurinn trail. It fully made up for the fact that I slept on the ground and only had one shower in four days.

What else...we celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary this March, I turned 33 in June, our cat turned 9 years old in July (wahhh), we finally summited Arrowhead Peak here in Sitka (3,240 feet starting at sea level), and I recently chopped all my hair off, so it's now the shortest it's ever been - including, possibly, when I was a baby.

Those are pretty much the only "big" things that have happened since I stopped blogging. Well, other than Trump and Clinton somehow becoming our two choices for president - a surreal conundrum that I've fondly labeled "The Apocalypse". I have a lot of little things I could talk about but they would have to be in bullet point format and this post would end up being eighteen pages long, so I'll try and just spew a little bit at a time over the next few weeks.

Some housekeeping, though:

1) I updated all my social media icons over there on the side. Feel free to follow me on any one of them, or none of them at all.

My Instagram is private but definitely send me a follow request and I'll approve it. I was just getting too many weirdo strangers following me and you can't delete fake/weirdo followers.

The shopping cart icon is linked to my Etsy shop - it's all crochet/knit goods, if that's your thing. I'm currently on hiatus but I'll be back this fall, date TBD.

Regarding Twitter, follow at your own risk. It's a lot of unpopular political commentary and links to articles by people like Matt Walsh and Ben Shapiro. If you love the Constitution, guns and freedom, you'll love my feed. If you don't and you choose to follow anyway...well, I warned you.

2) I kept the same blog title that I had previously, but just a refresher on the backstory: It's because my name is just Angi; not Angela/Angelina/Angelica/etc. It's been the typical response I've always given someone when they ask if my name is short for Angela. "Nope, it's just Angi." 

3) To everyone who used to read this thing, welcome back! Third (fourth? fifth?) time's the charm, right?


  1. Toilet envy. That's a new one. Though the first thing I insisted on upon moving into this place was that Scott replace the toilet seats. They were those wooden ones that were popular 25 years ago.

    I think we need some floor pictures!

    #ConstitutionGunsFreedom lol

  2. Shady's back. Tell a friend.

    I knew this day would come.

  3. Welcome back to blogging!! Your Iceland trip sure looked amazing on Instagram--I've thought before that Iceland might be about the only thing that would make me venture into that part of the world...though I'm not sure anything would make me tough enough for a multi-day backpacking hiking trip. Really don't know how the whole Trump/Clinton thing happened but since I've been out of the USA for over two years I guess a lot of things will be surprising me by the time I go back.