Friday, August 26, 2016

Casual Friday: Ep. 3

I read this story the other day, and all I have to say is good for them. I didn't watch their t.v. show, but Jim Gaffigan is one of our favorite comedians, and I have all the more respect for him and his wife for making the decision to put their family before fame.

+ I mentioned this on Twitter the other day, but it bears repeating: Why, oh why, do people give their pets their own Instagram accounts? I love animals just as much as the next person, but there's no way I'm ever going to subscribe to a feed full of photos of nothing but someone's pets. I don't even love my own cat enough to sit around all day taking photos of him, editing them, and posting them to social media. It just seems like a lot of work, and I'm not deluded enough to think that people actually care that much about my animal.

Did you know that Cary Elwes wrote a book about the making of The Princess Bride? My sister read and recommended it to me recently, and I'm thinking it may have to be the next addition to my Kindle library.

+ I was browsing yesterday and stumbled across this article, talking about how much it costs to do a thru-hike. One thing I'd really like to do someday is hike the Pacific Crest Trail - all 2,650 miles of it, from Mexico to Canada. Most people take between five and six months to hike the whole thing, and therein lies my beef with the aforementioned article, and many other articles I've read that basically say the same thing.

I have yet to see anybody talk in detail about not only the actual cost of hiking the trail, but the lack of income while you're doing it. Unless you're fortunate enough to be sponsored by some outdoorsy company who wants to pay you to blog about the hike, review gear, etc. then not only are you spending money on the hike itself but you're also not making any money in the meantime. The article does mention that it "depends where you're at in your career" and "unless you get your money through investments or a trust fund, you'll be missing out on at least a few months' worth of income while you're out hiking." Logically, I suppose you could spend a few years saving up the $8,000 or so it takes to do such a long backpacking trip, but I don't know of many careers where you can take half a year off and still have a job when you come back. 

I suppose it's possible that there are some employers that are just that cool - mine certainly isn't. Not to mention, it's not just the cost of the hike itself that you need money for while you're gone. What about your apartment rent/mortgage? Health insurance? Storage for your belongings if you don't have an apartment or house? Life is expensive and most adults can't just drop everything to go be one with nature for half a year.

Or maybe I'm just jealous of those who can...

+ I didn't watch a single second of the Olympics, but I am aware of what happened with Ryan Lochte (how could I not be aware when it's been on the news every second of every minute of every hour of every day?). My friend posted this meme on Facebook the other day and I lost it. 


  1. Oh Brian Williams. It's like I feel bad for him after all that happened, but kind of like not really.

    My IG is mostly my dogs. But I'd never give them their own account. That reminds me of those who give their kids (as babies), their own Facebook tag. Makes my skin crawl. Plus, you can't give someone or some animal a social media account if they can't type.

    I've seen The Princess Bride a million times but don't love it enough to read the book. I've seen it around and never pulled the trigger on it.

  2. Go Jim! I didn't see that article, but good for him. That's impressive.

    I am SO OVER the pet instagram accounts. No one will ever care about your pet as much as you do. It's so dumb and they seem to be exploding lately. Also: people giving their babies their own account. Creepy.

    I've been wanting to read the book about The Princess Bride! I love Cary Elwes.

  3. Pet instagrams?? What? Granted...I don't even like animals. But I feel like I can think of a few people crazy enough to subscribe to those instagrams...and, it pains me to admit it, but I can actually imagine Angel having a Morphine-dedicated instagram back in the day...but there would be no editing. Just lots and lots of Morphine the cat. This crazy husband.

    With you talking about those long-term hikes, is kind of the same way I feel about people who quit their jobs to travel the world long-term. Like--sure, you can do budget travel and they all say it's realistic and doable for everybody....but what about health insurance? Angel does have a real job and it doesn't have benefits so we buy our own worldwide-outside-of-the-USA health insurance and it costs $3,000 a year. That's a LOT of money! I miss his job with benefits a lot, sometimes, just the benefits part. Turns out I am a bit greedy, and/or accustomed to the luxury of health and dental benefits.

    As far as long-distance hiking trips go, my uncle set out to hike the Appalachian Trail for six months, this was a year or two ago. He didn't actually complete it--I think he only did it for about 4-6 weeks before injury made him decide he couldn't continue. "How" he could afford to do it was that he's retired and his wife and kids are really laid back, just saying "Sure, Dad, see ya later after 6 months!" to his ambitious plan.

  4. You know what's really weird? People that give their babies Instagram accounts. It's just so unnecessary. Also, I don't care about your baby that much. Typically. I'd care about your baby, but you're better than that.

    I read this post a couple days ago and never commented because I was too busy reserving that book at the library. It's now on my kitchen table, waiting for me to power through the other book I'm reading. Hello, motivation.

    I saw the hiking movie with Reese Witherspoon. I think I would start living with the wolves if I did that. I would lose my freaking mind. You're amazing/slightly insane. It would be a good trek for teachers to do, taking a summer and a semester off. Definitely not my definition of fun.

    Nave you seen the Jim Gaffigan commercial with his kids in the van? I love it. I never saw his show, but he really is the coolest, and for a guy that has more kids than names he can remember I love the family priority n