Friday, August 19, 2016

Casual Friday: Ep. 2

Well, good grief. I didn't plan on going an entire week without blogging, but I haven't really had anything to talk about that justified an entire one-subject blog post so here we are.

+ At Kristin's suggestion, I bought this vegetable spiralizer on Amazon, and it has quickly become one of my favorite cheap kitchen gadgets, even though I've only used it once so far. I spiralized some zucchini to serve with chicken the other night; all I did was saute it in some olive oil, salt and pepper, and it was delicious.

+ This video had me absolutely rolling the other day. If you aren't familiar with Christian music over the last decade or so, it might not make a whole lot of sense. If you are, it will make so much sense. I almost choked on my coffee when he got to the bit about John Mark McMillan and the sloppy wet kiss.

+ After weeks on end (literally) of constant rain, I finally broke down and wore one of my flannel shirts yesterday. I guess I figured if southeast Alaska is going to act like summer is not a thing that even exists, I might as well just pull the trigger and start wearing my full autumn wardrobe. It's close enough to September, I guess.

P.S. If you live somewhere with temperatures over 60 and you remember what the sun looks like, I kind of hate you a little bit.

+ Related to the point above, we were supposed to hike (and summit) Mt. Edgecumbe, our local volcano, this last Saturday. A local nonprofit called Sitka Trail Works sponsors two annual group hikes up the mountain, and we would just do the hike solo, but you need a boat to get out to that island. Long story short, the weather was crummy and the seas too choppy so the hike was postponed, and then the weather never got any better so we were just informed that the hike has been completely cancelled, better luck next year. I'm so tired of having our plans ruined by the weather all the time.

Someday I will conquer you.

+ On a lighter note, season 6 of Blue Bloods is on Netflix and season 3 of Hannibal is on Amazon Prime. When life hands you lemons, binge watch Netflix.


  1. SEASON 6 of BLUE BLOODS IS ON NETFLIX? My life has meaning again.

    I need to get a spiralizer. But wait...chicken? You ate chicken???

    I would give anything to wear a flannel shirt. I wish we could switch places!

  2. John Crist makes some pretty funny videos. Making fun of Christian culture is one of my favorite types of humor but not everybody I hang out with appreciates that...

  3. I will say that I know the weather you speak of but, truly, this is my least favorite place to live, weather-wise. At least I knew what to expect in AK. And in MO. And in PA. Here, it's just "Okay, the entire city shall flood today" and "Today, half the state will burn down". I don't like it.
    It does suck that your trip was cancelled and not just postponed :(

    I love the spiralizer! I have to use it for more than just zucchini though now!