Friday, March 24, 2017

Life Lately #7

Reading: Slowly making my way through Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way by Susan McCutcheon. Isaiah and I are reading it out loud, which is...interesting. The actual reading of the book is totally fine, and it has a lot of good information for women who want an unmedicated birth, but the photos in this book are definitely not something I was expecting. In almost every single photo containing a woman, she is buck naked. Suffice it to say, I am reading while Isaiah listens. The book is also little bit outdated in some ways and with some of its information (the last revision was in 1996), but since there's no way for me to actually take a class on the Bradley Method, it'll suffice.

Watching: Nothing really at the moment. I've tried (and stopped) several shows lately, but nothing seems to hold my interest very long. Instead, I've been watching a lot of YouTube videos.

Listening to: Lots of Ben Shapiro podcasts while I (im)patiently wait for the new Chainsmokers album to come out on April 7th.

Wearing: Lots of layers, because apparently winter is never going to end.

Eating: Lots of chicken and lots of oatmeal. Oatmeal is one of the only things I've found for breakfast that actually fills me up for longer than a hot second, and chicken is cheap (ish) and easy to work around for dinner. Wednesday night I made BBQ chicken and pineapple pizza using this pizza crust recipe, and it turned out really well with a few tweaks I added. Next time I'm going to try half white and half wheat flour.

Loving: This gnocchi from Amazon. Yeah, you have to buy 6 packs at a time, but it's worth it if you have the space. They're dried, so all you have to do is boil them for like two minutes, then throw them in a pan with a little oil or butter to crisp them up. Then, the meal possibilities are endless. Here's one suggestion for you but really, it's not hard to be creative with these. Earlier this week I cooked them up, tossed them with pesto and some chopped up (cooked) chicken breasts and crumbled some goat cheese over the top. Marinara and sausage is another option, or use them in place of pasta in a pasta salad.

Not Loving: HEARTBURN and acid reflux and also how if I burp too soon after I swallow a mouthful of food or liquid it just wants to come right back up again. I'm pretty sure my stomach is situated right below my collarbone now.

Annoyed with: The cost of everything where I live. I was comparing some prices online to what we pay for the exact same items at our grocery store, and almost everything I found was literally three times the price. And I'm using the word "literally" properly, I promise. I can't even read blog posts about how to budget for groceries or feed your family of five for $100 a week or whatever people in the lower 48 do because it's literally (again, literally) impossible for me to do that here. And don't get me started on how our electric rates have been raised 20% in the last 6 months because we have the most incompetent city administration on the planet. Thank the good Lord above for wood stoves, that's all I have to say.

Creating: A spreadsheet that shows the cheapest prices for cleaning supplies and dry grocery goods (that will actually ship here) between our grocery store, Target and Amazon. Spoiler alert: Our grocery store is never the cheapest.

Wanting: This nail polish remover. I have never been able to wear nail polish without making my nails peel and split within a day of taking it off, and I'm pretty sure it's due to nail polish remover and not the nail polish itself. I've tried both acetone and non-acetone removers and they both wreak utter havoc on my nails. This alternative has good reviews, and I'm intrigued.

Laughing at: The checkout lady at the grocery store who pointed at my belly and said in a knowing tone, "You're having a girl?" I said yes, good guess, and asked how she was such a good guesser. She said that with both of her daughters, her belly button stayed in/flat; with her son, her belly button popped out. I'm only 27 weeks (tomorrow) so even if my belly button does eventually poke out I think it'll be a little while. 

Feeling: Pretty good other than lots of hip pain. It's not too bad in the daytime, especially if I get up and walk around a little bit off and on, but in the I feel like a 90 year old trying to get out of bed.

Anticipating: A quick jaunt to Seattle this weekend. We're flying out tomorrow morning and flying back Wednesday evening, so it's a quick there-and-back trip but we've been wanting to do a little baby shopping in person as well as get out of town one more time we have to start lugging a car seat/stroller/etc. with us. Also, the last time I saw my mom was at Thanksgiving and I was only 10 weeks pregnant and definitely not showing yet. We figured she might want to see her unborn granddaughter before she makes her grand entrance later this summer.


  1. We found quite a few documentaries and books that went ALL out. It was very surprising the first time.

    We just started the show Community. It took 3 episodes, but it's pretty great. Have you seen it?

    Heartburn is the WORST! I had it bad with both kids. Not bad enough to get a prescription, but I went through Tums like none other.

    I love spreadsheets. When we got married I was our own wedding planner and I made my own timeline via spreadsheet. When I was pregnant with Ellie I made a spreadsheet of all things that we'll probably need for a baby. I think I have about 10 more for school that I use to organize and plan my life. I once made a spreadsheet to help Nick and I keep track of what books we owned. Yeah...that lasted about one Goodwill trip then I forgot.

    Do you have a yoga ball? I sat on one ALL the time with both my kids. It helped with hip pain a lot.

  2. I lived on oatmeal when I was pregnant and I still eat it everyday! You're right, it is definitely filling!

    1. And the extra fiber doesn't hurt either if you catch my drift ;)

    2. ;) I get what you're throwing down.

  3. I wish I liked oatmeal. I ate it all the time as a kid, but the texture makes me gag now.

    Have a great time in Seattle!

  4. We took Bradley Method classes and the videos (also outdated) were SCARRING. The worst video was waaaay too close up and I still shudder to think about it. There was only one other couple in the class and the week they showed it Christopher wasn't there. The wife of the other couple was in the bathroom and the husband (a chaplain) and I were so mortified we couldn't look at the tv or each other. I ended up with a csection so I don't know if the method would work or not, but it has potential!

  5. That book- LOL! I would find it hard to take it seriously with all of those pictures. (While you are reading to Isaiah, do you ever throw in a "that's what she said"? I feel like that book would offer up ample opportunity).

    I love that you love Ben Shapiro. He is the best! I didn't realize The Chainsmokers are going to have a new album- I'm going to have to check it out.

    I greatly admire how both you and Michelle plan out meals and budgeting. I've been thinking a lot lately about this and need to get our budget in order and meals planned out better. I want to be able to stay at home when we have kids, so I need to simplify more.

    Have fun in Seattle! I want some pics :)

    1. HAHA - no, but I sure will now!

      They are! Have you heard the recent Chainsmokers + Coldplay song yet? It'll be on the album but it's out as a single right now. Another one on repeat over here.

      I need to be WAY better about planning out meals. I work literally next door to a grocery store so it's way too easy to just run in on the way home and grab stuff for a new recipe I've decided I want to try. Not going to work anymore...!

      Thank you! I'll do my best ;)

  6. I've never found that oatmeal keeps me full. I eat it then get hungry an hour later. But if you put peanut butter and some chocolate chips in it it keeps me full. But that might make me an animal.

    That stinks that your hips hurt already. You're barely into the third trimester! Have you thought about a support belt? I've heard they're wonder workers.

    To be honest, birth hasn't changed much since 1996. A couple little procedural things changed between when I gave birth each time, but your book will probably do you just fine. And every time I saw an image or video of a labouring woman (real ones, not actors) I wanted to change my mind and never have children. I'm so sorry about those photos.

    Have fun in the promised land! Molly got some great hippy clothes while we were on the island. Have fun shopping!

  7. Have a fabulous and productive trip! I hope you find some necessary baby goodies that are fun too...I love the print of the ABCs.
    We've been watching Trial and Error. But I have no binge shows on my radar.
    I love gnocchi. Maybe I'll grab some today but it's not something I make too often. I've found myself spending so much on food lately. But I tried to reason with myself because we do pack 10 lunches a week, plus my breakfasts, plus 5-7 dinners. I might stop to pick up dinner once every two weeks. Or we might go out once every two weeks. I don't know. I don't believe that "feed your family for $100" stuff either because there's always extra things that need to be added in.

  8. Have fun in Seattle! Hope you get to do some shopping. That would annoy me too that everything is so expensive. For the record, my bely button popped out with R and it's out with this baby too. This sounds ridiculous but it's one of my least favorite parts of pregnancy. I hate how it looks!

  9. I just found your blog again...late congratulations on the baby!

  10. That's such a bummer that everything is so expensive. That gnocchi looks interesting though, I'm going to have to check that out. Same with the nail polish remover! My nails chip alot too and I never considered that it might be due to my nail polish remover! Have fun in Seattle!

  11. I didn't know Ben Shapiro had a podcast! Ugh, I'm sorry about the prices. I'm sure they are still lower here, but I feel like our prices are ever creeping upwards. What a fun quick trip to Seattle! I hope you have a great visit with your mom!