Thursday, March 9, 2017

Picking bones, as usual.

+ I don't really like to talk about work much on here because I rarely have anything nice to say about it and I'm paranoid someone will find it and report me, but I have to say that if I owned a business and one of my employees was having a baby, I would absolutely bend over backwards to make sure that person was able to quit/take maternity leave without guilt. Now that I'm about three months out from leaving, I'm suddenly getting suggestions like, "You could keep working and just bring the baby with you!?" and "Are you sure you can't just work from home for like...a few extra months, just to get us over the hump of changing multiple software systems at once?" No, I cannot. Lack of planning on their know the rest.

+ On a related note, it honestly surprises me how much people assume you're going to continue working after you have a baby. I feel like the attitude has switched, and I'm sure a lot of it just depends on where you live (cultural norms and all that) but I have been bombarded with questions about which daycare I'm going to use, if I'm really going to take three whole months off or if I'm just going to take a month or so and then bring the baby to work with me, if I'm going to continue working from home, and so on and so forth. Not one person has asked or assumed that I'm going to stay at home with my kids, like it's just not done these days. SO 1940s, right?

+ Forgive me, but I do not understand those in-home ball pits everyone seems to be buying for their toddlers. Are ball pits nothing short of amazing when you're a kid? Obviously. But all I can think about are balls rolling all over my house, all the time, and just the thought gives me hives. Also, it makes a perfectly good living room look like Chuck E Cheese moved in.

+ I was booking tickets for a super short trip to Seattle at the end of the month, but since the trip is two weeks away, seats were ridiculously limited. As in, the only two seats together on the way down were in the last two rows of the plane, and on the way back, there were literally six middle seats left to choose from. I'm praying now that someone will either switch us seats or not show up because I have no desire to be squashed between two strangers at 27 weeks pregnant.

HOWEVER, I digress. What I discovered during this particular ticket booking process is that Alaska Airlines, as of last November, now charges $15 extra per passenger for the privilege of sitting in an exit row. Back in my day, the extra few inches of legroom was your reward for being first in line to help other people get off the plane if it crashed. Now you have to pay extra. I didn't think I could like Alaska Airlines any less than I already did, but apparently it's possible.

+ Amazon Pantry does not ship to Alaska. Jerks.

+ The free Welcome Box that Amazon sends you as soon as someone buys something off your baby registry also does not ship to Alaska. Double jerks.

+ My biggest confession of this entire blog post, and the one that I think will probably get the most people riled up...I am not a huge fan of, nor do I ever really use the Oxford comma. Granted, there are times I will use it, if a list is particularly confusing and really needs the extra clarification (and I don't feel like rearranging the sentence). But otherwise, I think I just see such prevalent comma misuse that any extra commas, even appropriate ones, are a huge eyesore. Please don't hate me. I'm just an AP Style girl living in an Oxford comma world.


  1. Wait, do people think you're going to bring the baby to work instead of a maternity leave?! I cannot fathom taking a newborn to work. Do these people know much babies cry? And you have to stop and feed them every 2 hours around the clock? I faced a lot of the same mentality at my old job, too. Not one person even thought I might quit. I don't know one person who did! Which is fine, but definitely a shift in attitude these days.

    You could not pay me to put a ball pit in my house. Those balls really would get everywhere and it takes up so much space!

  2. I am a big advocate of the Oxford comma, but I definitely see comma overuse and it's so annoying. Why???

    Oklahoma is not super progressive (shocking) so I don't see much assumption either way about working or not. People just ask if you are or aren't planning on coming back. I'm happy for you that you will be able to quit soon!

  3. There will be no ball pit in this house! Mostly because our cat will lose his mind. I can't deal with his crazy haha.

    1. Oh my gosh, that's another thing...I already find cat toys in all the weirdest places, I don't need to add plastic balls to the mix, haha!

  4. So clearly I am not with child yet, but it annoys me how everyone has an opinion. I think the opinion does seem to depend on where you live too, because where we are, I feel like people will think I will stop working, which hey, to be honest if I thought we could swing it, I would do so without any qualms. But I do have amazing benefits in corporate world, and if/when I am pregnant, I am definitely taking the 3 months off! Regardless, it's still funny that people have an opinion either way.

  5. I feel like employers say stuff like that partially because they don't know what else to say. (My old work said the same thing.) And sometimes they're jerks. You'll learn pretty quickly the things that people automatically say to parents with babies. At least six times today strangers would look at Molly, ask her age, whether she's a boy or girl, and then ask her name. Everyone feels the awkward need to say something, but they all default to the same general things.

    I'll be honest, I've considered a ball pit. If you have a designated play area/room I don't think you'd care about the mess because it's contained. Toddlers are like hurricanes anyway. Never in my living room, though.

    I love the Oxford comma. I also feel very intelligent knowing what the Oxford comma is. "Let's just talk about the comma. Not just any comma, though. This one's from Oxford."

  6. Gasp! You don't use the Oxford comma??? Just kidding, it's not that important. ;-) You get a pass as long as the list isn't confusing without it! I never got any weird reactions about taking three months for maternity leave, but people do ask me all the time if I miss work since becoming a SAHM. And my answer is...not really. I miss some of the people, but not the work so much. I'd much rather be home with my kiddos!