Wednesday, April 5, 2017

So close, yet so far

Welp, here we are officially in the third trimester, and not a whole lot has changed. I feel like I've had a fairly easy pregnancy, relatively speaking, for which I will be forever grateful. Other than all-day nausea in the first trimester and some crazy heartburn/acid reflux and aching hips lately, everything has been pretty textbook so far...knock on wood.

I think my biggest struggle has still just been the weight gain, and I'm not even that far off track from where I wanted to be at this point. I'm a few pounds heavier than I'd like (who isn't) but honestly, my body's gonna do what my body's gonna do no matter how I feel about it, and I'm getting better about not looking at myself in the mirror with an instant "ughhhh" reaction. I did finally bite the bullet and order another pair of maternity jeans one size bigger than I normally would wear, and I'm so glad I did. My hips thank me every day. I can't lie, though (and neither can my hips), I have never in my life been into the "athleisure" trend (save it for the gym, please) until now. Pregnancy does weird things to your psyche, that's for sure.

We've officially decided on a name for this little girl, but plan on keeping it between us and our parents/siblings until she's born. While in Seattle, Isaiah took me out for a really nice belated anniversary dinner at Salish Lodge, overlooking Snoqualmie Falls, where we agreed to finalize our name choice. Up until last weekend, we were 95% sure we were settled on what she'll be called, but it's nice to have that final 5% of indecisiveness out of the way.

The baby's room is about finished, which is pretty comforting. I'm a huge planner and not a fan of last-minute anything, so even though we still have 12 weeks to go (give or take), I really love being able to walk into her room and not automatically have my eyes settle on twenty things that still need to be done. I have a few final projects to finish up but I'll share full room pictures at some point, I'm sure. At least by the time she starts kindergarten.

We also installed the car seat this weekend, and I'm sure all you seasoned moms are collectively rolling your eyes that we did that at only 28 weeks, but you just never know! says my boss every time I remind her I'm not due until the end of June. It's a little surreal to look in the back of our Jeep and see this little infant car seat sitting there. Some days it's SO REAL that we're having a baby, other days I feel like this has all just been a drawn out version of playing house, like when you're six years old and you think you'll get married and have a baby when you turn 18 because that's what adults do.

Now, my brain is turning to all the rest of the things I still need to do: Call our insurance company to find out how/when to add the baby to our insurance, ask about a breast pump and if/how it will be paid for, call the hospital to ask about a hospital tour and hopefully a list of things to bring/not to bring, make a list of hospital bag contents and eventually pack it, figure out which postpartum purchases I still need to make, wash all her clothes and cloth diapers before I actually need them, write out a brief birth plan (nothing crazy, just a few notes to have on hand to remind myself what I want/don't want)...I'm sure I'm forgetting a few things.

A few of my coworkers are absolutely insisting on throwing a baby shower, which is super nice, but I can't say I'm extremely close with any of them so I feel a little awkward about it. And, of course, the one coworker I am actually friends with is going to be out of town and can't come. It feels especially awkward since I'll be quitting mid-June (still a secret) and I feel terrible being like, "Thanks for all of the goodbye forever!" I also ran into two ex-coworkers at the coffee shop this last weekend who asked if I was having a baby shower and essentially invited themselves and I have no idea if that's good manners or not, inviting ex-coworkers to a baby shower being thrown by current coworkers??

My sister-in-law and mother-in-law also wanted to throw us a baby shower, but considering I/we don't really have many good friends in town or relatives other than Isaiah's immediate family, we agreed that rather than invite a bunch of acquaintances we don't really know that well, we'll just have a fun family dinner instead. My SIL is going to make a "virtual baby shower" invitation of sorts to post on Facebook, just so that friends and family who don't live here (like, all of mine) can have our registry link and what not.

I'm just not used to all this attention or people wanting to buy us stuff (I'm the girl whose birthday is forgotten by most people almost every year) and I'm feeling so weird about it all. Part of it is probably just my own hang-up, I get annoyed when people don't seem to care much about ME but now that we're having a BABY, oh, that's different!! Whatever. I know I just need to embrace it all and appreciate the fact that that's less money we have to spend ourselves, but it's just awkward.

That was a rabbit trail I did not intend on going down...I digress.

I had my 28 week doctor's appointment on Monday, and I had a sneaking suspicion I was going to hear "see you in two weeks!" at the end of the visit, and I was right. It's not that I hate the appointments themselves - love hearing that baby heartbeat! - I just find it to be a hassle. I really shouldn't complain, I literally work one block away from the clinic.

At least at my appointment I got to see one of the resident doctors for a second time. Oh, did I mention that our clinic doesn't assign patients to a single doctor? Nope, you just get to see whichever OB/family practice physician happens to be working on the day you make your appointment, and there's a rotation of 4-5 other doctors that fly in on a monthly basis to help ease the case load for the two permanent OBs. So far I have had seven visits and seen six different doctors. I definitely have my favorite two, and this week I got to see one of those two, so at least there's that. She went over my glucose screening from a month ago and said I passed with flying colors, so I celebrated that night with about a dozen Oreos. She also felt around and said this baby girl is already head down, which I know can change at any time, but it was nice to have confirmation that all the thumps and rolls I feel all day long underneath my right rib are due to a foot/feet and not hands.

I will leave you with a picture of one of my favorite baby outfits so far. I love all the florals and chambray and furry hoodies with bear ears and little leggings and onesies we've gotten, but Isaiah picked out this shirt/pants/shoe combo ($3.00 moccasins, obviously not for walking) and I love it. We did agree it needed something to make it look a little girlier, though, so we added this hat.


  1. The outfit is adorable!! I'm so excited for you. Can't believe it's already your third trimester 😱
    You are doing a great job at getting everything ready.

  2. I would say that it's fine to invite ex-co-workers to a baby shower with current co-workers, but it was rude of them to invite themselves, so I wouldn't want them there. I understand why you feel awkward about the shower being thrown. When I got engaged, people who barely talked to us wanted to be at the wedding. And didn't like it when we cancelled the wedding and eloped.


    We installed the carseat early, too! Maybe about 34 weeks, though I would've been happy to do it at 28! It was the strangest feeling to see it back there.

    Love that little outfit so much. Baby clothes are the best!

  4. I'm so glad you have moccasins! I had so many baby shoes for Annabelle, a large portion of which were moccasins.

    I can't wait to see the nursery and find out the name.

  5. I might need to buy Molly a pair of those moccasins.

    I think the only way ex-coworkers at a baby shower would be awkward would be if they left on bad terms.

    I can't remember when we installed Parker's carseat, but Molly's was definitely after my water broke. Same with when I packed my hospital bag both times.

    As for what to bring, I say sweat pants, nipple cream, and snacks are the essentials.

    People love babies more than moms. It's funny, really, because the moms are the ones that need the love most of all. The babies just need the moms.

    Embrace the bigger pants. You'll learn, comfort is everything. I live in sweatpants at home.

    I'm so excited to see what she looks like and find out her name!

  6. I can't wait to hear the name! It's so exciting to have that decision finalized...naming a human is hard! We also kept the name just between us until he was born.

    As far as what to bring to the hospital, I was glad to have my own shower stuff. The hospital offered it, but being there for five days it was really nice to use my own. Also, aside from something to wear home I stayed in hospital gowns the whole time. With people having to come in and check my incision and stitches all the time, it was just easier.

  7. That outfit is so so cute! We installed the car seat early too! You can never be too prepared.

  8. People just love babies more than adults. I think it's because they're cuter. Plus, they're new. New humans are just more exciting. Fact of life. :)
    I'm doing a 'virtual bridal shower' for my sister in a couple weeks--which will actually involve Skyping her in while all of us here in Malaysia eat awesome food, and we sent a couple presents ahead of time to be wrapped up and hidden by the maid-of-honor so she can open up some treats just for her. Sometimes virtual is the only way to do it when long-distance is a factor. I think I would really look forward to a baby shower, just my party-loving personality (plus, presents! I mean, on a practical level...presents are awesome).

  9. I installed the car seat sooooo late because I was so overwhelmed by the options of car seats that I kept putting it off. I think maybe we did it at 36 or 37 weeks? haha. I have problems. I literally used nothing I packed for the hospital, so I have no advice. I could barely stand so I didn't even take a shower until I got home (kind of gross now that I look back on it but honestly I was in no shape to be showering). I wore a pair of Jordan's gym shorts home because I thought I could wear my own leggings???? I am dumb.

  10. The hat and moccasins are adorable.
    I would think a good birth plan would be to just get the baby out as quickly and safely as possible. Birth wouldn't be about *me* and having an unmedicated and relaxing experience, you know? Although that sounds like an army base hospital: you get whatever doctor is there on the days you show up.

  11. My doctor's office works the same way, but after four pregnancies I have my favorite doctor now, and she knows she's my favorite. I schedule all my appointments with her, and she requests to be called when I go into labor! So it's nice I don't necessarily have to just deal with whoever is on call!