Friday, February 24, 2017

Life Lately #6

Reading: Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus by Nabeel Qureshi. I just started it the other day so I don't have a lot to say about it yet!

Watching: Totally binging on season 2 of The Great British Baking Show on Netflix. HOW I MISSED YOU AND YOUR SASS, MARY BERRY.

Listening to: The Goo Goo Dolls' most recent album, Boxes. It's pretty darn good if you're into them at all. Different in a way from their older stuff, but not in a "they've totally jumped the shark" way.

Wearing: A few actual maternity shirts here and there, but mostly a lot of the same tops I wore pre-pregnancy. It's amazing how much you can get away with wearing when your style tends to include oversized/flowy shirts to begin with. Ask me in three more months how that's going...

Smelling: Not a whole lot at the moment. I've had a cold for over a week now. More on that in a minute...

Eating: This chicken and rice soup. I've made two batches in the last two weeks, each batch feeds both Isaiah and me for a good two or three nights, it's really easy/cheap to make, and it is delicious. There are stovetop instructions at the bottom of the recipe if you don't have an Instant Pot/pressure cooker. As usual, I leave out the onion and just throw in whatever bags of frozen vegetables I happen to have around. The first time I made it, I used corn and carrots. The second time, corn and carrots and a few leftover green beans.

Loving: Finally knowing that the baby is a girl! We're making some serious progress on her room and buying a few baby clothing items here or there, and it's just been so fun. We're not making the nursery extremely girly, probably because *I* am not an extremely girly person either, but we did spring for a floral crib sheet and I'm in love with it. I'm also in love with this Lord of the Rings print we found on Etsy. Hashtag nerd alert but seriously, how cool is this:

Not Loving: That our anatomy scan three weeks ago cost us A THOUSAND DOLLARS. $800 for the ultrasound itself, and $200 for them to send the results to some lab in Oregon who actually deciphers and reads those results. On the bright side, that's our entire 2017 deductible right there in one single office visit. On the dark side, I had way better plans for that thousand bucks.

Creating: So many projects...a baby blanket, a yarn pom-pom rug that looks like moss, a few other semi-secret projects for the baby's room...

Wanting: Someone to come and clean out my tiny little quarter-sized kitchen pantry and reorganize it for me. I'm tired of things falling on my head and feet all the time but I'm also exhausted just looking at the stupid thing. It's small, there's not enough space for an actual human family, I have a bad habit of buying new dry goods/canned goods without checking first to see if I already have what I's just a mess. 

Laughing at: Not so much laughing as completely identifying with this meme I stumbled across on Pinterest:

Feeling: Uncomfortable and sick. I managed to catch the cough/cold that's been circulating around my workplace lately, and it's been over a week and I still feel terrible. Not as bad as the first few days, but when your body is focusing on growing a person instead of fighting a virus, it's rough. I'm tired of coughing, and I'm tired of blowing my nose, and on top of it all, I think this baby's having a growth spurt or something because my stomach feels like it's stretching like crazy and the band on my maternity jeans is too tight at the top all of a sudden which makes me nauseated and just UGH. I'm enjoying being pregnant because of the reward at the end, not because I feel like some empowered rockstar superhero woman. I don't. I just feel sick. 

Contemplating: Deleting my Twitter account. The few friends I follow(ed) on there either barely use it anymore or don't use it at all, and while I do use it primarily to keep up with current events, it's still pretty boring when you're Tweeting and nobody's interacting. Because that's the main point of Twitter in the first place. Also, I'm tired of random Twitter trolls somehow finding my posts (sans hashtags, mind you) and trying to pick fights. Over it.

Wishing: Winter would hurry up and end so we can get to spring. Ha ha, who am I kidding. Spring in Alaska is the same as winter. All you people bragging about your 60 degree weather...stuff it. It snowed here yesterday.


  1. That meme is so true! Haha! I have snapchat for the sole purpose of sending my Dad the most ridiculous photos because he does the same to me.

    1. Ha! I think we've all had one social media app at one time or another that we've kept solely because ONE friend or family member has it and uses it constantly!

  2. I LOVE the Lord of the Rings print. I can't wait to see all of your projects and special nursery.

    I feel you on twitter- I feel that way about social media/blogging in general. It sucks when you feel like you are just writing/posting things for yourself. Being an introvert, I love the socializing without the normal "interaction formalities" that the internet provides. It seems like it should be easier for a shy person like me to find like minded people. But I oftentimes find that when I initiate something people must find me weird or too plain to interact back with. I know that might sound like an emotional bomb to drop in a blog comment- but it's what I've felt for years! I have been very fortunate though to interact with both you and Michelle on all of the social media platforms! <3

    1. I can't wait to show it when it's done! It's going to look better than my own room...haha.

      I completely understand how you feel. I have the absolute hardest time making friends in real life for this exact reason - I'm shy, and when I do find the courage to try and initiate a friendship, after I've talked to whoever that person is I convince myself I said something stupid/weird/ridiculous/too opinionated and they'd never want to be friends with me anyway. It's rough. I'm pretty sure half the people who read my blog have no idea this is what I'm actually like...though I guess they'll know now, haha!

    2. ME TOO ME TOO ME TOO. This is why I'm so thankful for the internet and both of you.

    3. Reading both of your posts always brightens my day! Two very smart and talented ladies <3

  3. Ah, congrats on your girl! I love that LOTR nursery print, so cute! I read Seeking Allah Finding Jesus a while back - it was so good! Curious to hear what you think of it. 😀

  4. Okay, I did NOT know the Great British Baking Show had season 2 on Netflix and now I am ridiculously excited. That show makes America's cooking shows just look plain dumb.

  5. I can't wait to hear what you think about Seeking Allah! I was intrigued but mildly bored for the first part on his background. It definitely picks up. That chicken & rice soup looks perfect. I'll be making that soon! I'm dying to see the nursery! It's going to be amazing. I love everything you've done already. That rug is awesome! I hope you feel better soon. I swear it takes 5 times as long to recover from a virus when you're pregnant. Talk to me about Twitter--is one of the trolls the same one who picked fights with me?

  6. We had 60 degree weather a few days ago. Last night we got an ice storm and now it's snowing. So that's fun.

    Hulu had one season of The Great American Baking Show (the same as the British one, but American...still judged by Mary Berry) and I zoomed through it. I was THRILLED when I saw there was another season on Netflix!

  7. We went from 70 degrees last weekend to snow this weekend. The warm weather isn't a brag to me (those east coasters, amiright?), but an annoyance. I need seasons with rules in order to function properly.

    $1,000?!?!?! That's insane. Was it optional then?

    I just bought a print from this etsy shop. It's a quote that's great for adults and kids alike, but I would totally use all of that shop to decorate a girl's nursery (also-a-nerd alert).

    I hope you feel better soon! Pho always, always makes me feel better when I have a cold.

  8. Being pregnant and sick is the pits. Three out of four of us have colds right now, too. Bring on the healthy! I hope you get better soon!

    Those loose and flowy non maternity shirts are going to be your bffs when you're breastfeeding/insecure about the jelly belly.

    I can't wait to see baby's room! I don't know what it is, but kids always have way better rooms than their parents. Lucky ducks.

    I feel like I've never heard "jumped the shark" before and my middle of the night brain had a grand time envisioning it.