Thursday, October 20, 2016

Stuff and Things: The Fifth One [Life Lately #2]

Reading: The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman and Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys. So far so good on both of them! I haven't met a WWII historical fiction yet that I don't like, so Sepetys is hitting the spot once again.

Watching: Call the Midwife, season 3. Yep, I'm behind. Really behind.

Listening to: The band Joseph. Kinda folksy, kinda rocker, right up my alley. Check them out!

Wearing: All the sweaters and all the boots, because it's October and 45 degrees outside and the tops of the mountains are turning white which means snow is on the way and all that means is it'll probably dump once mid-November or early December and then not again until like February, and once again my hopes for a white Christmas will be dashed. But you just wanted to know what I was wearing...

Smelling: My new favorite BBW candle, Pumpkin Woods. It's like a mix between Pumpkin Pie and Fresh Balsam, and it's amazing.

Eating: Angie's Boom Chicka Pop candy corn flavored popcorn. Usually I'm a peppermint-or-die girl but it looked too good to pass up at the grocery store, and it's delicious. Plus, I have to wait another month or so for peppermint to be in season. Fun fact: I actually very strongly dislike actual candy corn, but this flavored popcorn is okay. I just have to tell myself I will NOT buy a bag every other day, or come January I'll be having to go to the gym twice a day to get that popcorn back off my midsection.

Drinking: Peppermint tea!! I haven't been in a coffee mood lately so I've been digging through my larger-than-it-needs-to-be tea stash and found my Celestial Seasonings Peppermint and it's been my jam lately.

Loving: My short hair. It's so easy and works so well with my fine/thin hair texture and it takes half the time in the morning.

Hating: That I have to get my hair trimmed about every 7-8 weeks and while normal people would charge for an actual trim, ohhhh no, in Sitka you pay for an actual haircut even if you're only getting half an inch trimmed off. When I got my hair cut from shoulderblade length to what it is now in Seattle, I paid $80 plus tip. When I got 1/2" of hair trimmed off at a salon here in Sitka about a month and a half ago, it was $65 plus tip. What the eff, mate.

Annoyed with: My job, for so many reasons. I cannot wait to quit someday. Who are these people who just LOVE their jobs, anyway? How do you do that? Yesterday I had a coworker asking me all kinds of questions that I didn't really know the answer to, because she was literally afraid to ask the people who would actually know because they're apparently always rude to her. I work in an office full of menopausal women so I'm not surprised, but it's frustrating nonetheless.

Creating: All the crocheted things! I just finished a hat for my mom, I have one friend having a baby, another with a toddler, and a bunch of other people I want to make stuff for for Christmas so I'm slowly but surely working through my yarn stash (which we all know is just code for "as soon as I use some of this up, I can order more.")

Wanting: This t-shirt! It's a tradition that we (me, Isaiah, his brother/wife) go to the movies every Christmas Eve. Last year was, obviously, the new Star Wars movie. This year is the next Star Wars installation but it's a side story that I don't care too much about so I figure this t-shirt would make it more fun to watch. New clothes make everything less boring, right? Plus, it has my birthday on it.

Laughing at: The Ben Shapiro Show. You can listen to his podcasts for free almost every afternoon, and it's all political (so if you hate politics, don't bother) and all very depressing but he manages to make everything kinda funny. I mean, if you can't laugh at 2016, what can you laugh at?

Feeling: Tiiiiiiired!!!! The days are getting shorter and I actually drove to work in the dark this morning. It's only a matter of a few weeks before sunset is at 3:15 in the afternoon and every year I just feel so unprepared for the darkness. It makes me want to be in bed by 7pm like a toddler.

Thinking: That this video is absolutely hilarious. Granted, I do know a ton of millenials with jobs/careers and families who are very reponsible adults...but I also know a ton of millenials who...aren't.

Wishing: That we could have a complete do-over for this election. We have, quite literally, the two worst people in America running against each other and one of them is going to run the country. I want to speak with the people responsible for this and give them a good punch in the face.

Anticipating: Normally I would skip right over Thanksgiving and say I'm anticipating Christmas, but this year I actually get to go HOME for Thanksgiving! Better yet, my mom doesn't know I'm coming (my sister is in on the secret and is picking me up from the airport) so it'll be a surprise, and it's always fun to surprise my mom with a visit. Last time I surprised her was Mothers' Day (2012? 13?) and she cried, and who doesn't like to make their mom cry happy tears??

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  1. I really enjoyed that song! I will have to Joseph up.

    I've only seen up to season 3 of Call the Midwife and I miss it so much. Netflix has not kept up.

    Boom Chicka Pop is my favourite. I just get the sea salt stuff, but OH. I love it all.

    I can't believe you're not excited about the new Star Wars. I get chills whenever I see a preview. I'm sad because I probably won't be seeing it in theaters this time around. I'm not sure I can go without using the bathroom for that long.

    You get to go home!! How exciting! Brilliant idea: order Knit Picks yarn to your mom's place for free shipping. Do a happy dance.

  2. Ugh I wish we could have a do over too! And looooove that candle!

  3. Ugh I wish it was sweater weather here!

  4. I don't want to see "Rogue One" badly enough to see it in theaters. I am mildly annoyed that it's being made and released before the next movie after "The Force Awakens". (I want to know who Rey's parents are, but I bet there will be at least one more movie before this question is answered. Since the movie-makers want that moooooney!) I like peppermint tea. Try Bigelow if you haven't.

  5. I am cracking up over the clowns! That is hilarious. I am reading a WW2 fiction novel right now: Secrets of a Charmed Life. It started a bit slow for me but it just started picking up and I like it!

  6. I tried Call the Midwife a few years ago and didn't love it. I also read the book and thought it was so-so.
    I've been that person who has loved their job. And honestly, I don't mind it now. I mind a lot of things about it. "Love" wouldn't be a word I'd use to describe it right now, but I "love" things about it.
    I loooooove when it gets dark early. It means this God-forsaken summer is over. Well, almost. 70+ degrees this weekend.
    So glad you get to go home for Thanksgiving!

  7. I am loving Joseph! Thank you, because I was in a music rut.

    I <3 Ben Shapiro. James listens to his podcasts everyday, and sometimes we listen together in the evenings. He's the best.

  8. Well your hair looks really awesome, but $65??? That's crazy a lot!
    My parents showed us that Millenial video and we all thought it was utterly hilarious. They're the directors of their 'company' in this country and a lot of the new people that come in are Millennials and they've been somewhat shocked by the cross-generational differences when it comes do stuff like...actually doing your job. And of course me and my siblings are technically Millenials and do show a few such tendencies but I like to think we're not too dire of a case. :P

  9. Historical fictions are my current favorites. I just finished Lilac Girls. SO good. Sepetys' stuff is great. Between Shades of Gray and Salt to the Sea are both wonderful and eye opening. I never knew about Russia's occupation of all those countries for so many years and what those people had to deal with without anyone really knowing.

    I loved that Millenial video.

    Ah, I have mixed feelings about the new Star Wars, but I'm sure it's going to be great. I mean, Star Wars 7 was great.

    That's so awesome that you get to go home!!! Enjoy it! Maybe it won't rain too much while you're here?