Thursday, January 26, 2017

Life Lately: #5

Hey look, it stopped raining for half a minute.

Reading: The Residence: Inside the Private World of the White House. It's interesting so far, not quite what I expected but entertaining nonetheless. Mostly it's full of anecdotes, in no particular order, about various presidents and their wives/children. The one main thing being drilled into my head while reading this is the fact that White House staff members are extremely private, and it's like pulling teeth to get them to talk about their jobs, let alone tell stories (good or bad) about the presidents and families they've served. While I am on board with not speaking badly in public about your employer (especially if you're still employed), I'm also having a tough time believing that people like the Clintons were mostly peaches and cream to deal with. I guess I was hoping for the information to be a little more juicy and deep, and not just story after story of "every President is ahh-maaaaaaazing as an employer and we just looooooooove them!" Because...yeah, right.

Watching: "Lock Up: Women Behind Bars" on Netflix. Bitches be crazy, y'all.

Listening to: I cannot get enough of Closer by The Chainsmokers/Halsey. It's been on repeat over here and even though it's full of cheesy lines, I love it. It's a good driving song, too, which is perfect because it comes on the radio at least once every day on my drive home from work.

Wearing: Anything that will fit my growing stomach. I think this kid/my uterus must have some very distinct growth spurt days, because sometimes I feel perfectly normal and barely notice my stomach...other days (like today) I'm so uncomfortable, it's tight and crampy, and all I can think about all day are my sweatpants, sitting at home by the side of my bed, calling to me.

Smelling: The gas station across the street. There is nothing worse. I start smelling it between 1 and 2pm almost every single day and it gives me a headache and makes me nauseated and I spend the last two and a half hours at work alternating between breathing into my shirt's neckline and the bottom of my sleeve.

Eating: LOTS of hardboiled eggs. I'm finding it a little difficult to get enough protein without either a ton of eggs or supplementing with protein powder, since most meat still sounds disgusting and lunch meat is off the table. Good thing I like eggs. Also, on a related note, I finally found a foolproof way to make hardboiled eggs, so if you're interested, let me know and I'll share. I've made a batch of 8-10 eggs every single week for the last two-ish months and have only ruined them once, and it was completely my fault.

Loving: That Target sells (and ships!) these metal carts, somewhat akin to the IKEA carts that everyone knows about and loves. Since we don't have an IKEA here, and they won't ship to Alaska either, I was thoroughly thrilled to find a Target alternative. They don't sell them in any fun colors (gray and white only) but I was happy enough to find them in general, so the gray is fine with me.

Not Loving: When grandparents die, and you're 99% sure they weren't born again when they passed away. It's just so much more sad, even if you weren't all that close to them.

Annoyed with: Some family situations that are presently draining my mental energy. Not the aforementioned grandparent situation...just some other stuff that isn't immediately resolving itself and it's kind of getting me down.

Creating: Nothing at the moment, but I think I might attempt something like this. I'm trying to determine whether or not I have the patience for it. 

Wanting: To know if these little flutters I've been feeling for the last few days are baby kicks, or just my intestines shifting around. They're in the same general area every time, they feel...different...than gas bubbles or stomach rumblings, and while they've mostly only been happening in the mid-afternoons while I'm sitting at my desk at work, I felt the same little wiggly feeling last night while watching television. I'm almost 19 weeks along, so...maybe?

Laughing at: This graphic I found online (for the life of me, I can't remember where). I can't say I'm mad at a lot of the things that President (whut?) Trump has done in the first few days of his tenure, but I'm also in favor of calling things like I see them, and the "alternative facts" comment from Kellyanne Conway was, in a nutshell, asinine. Therefore, I found this to be quite hilarious:

Feeling: Overall okay, just uncomfortable, as previously mentioned. And also ready to quit my job like...yesterday. 

Hoping: That Isaiah can get a little bit of time off before this kid is born so we can take a trip to Seattle to see my mom and go on a hike near Mt. Rainier that we've been drooling over. Of course they're already short handed at the department, and now two more people are quitting (with nobody new hired, by the way) and they've all been informed by their lieutenant that "no more leave requests will even be considered until we figure out our staffing situation." Furthermore, they should all expect to work a lot of overtime over the next few months. Boo hiss, and I can't think about it too much or I will angry cry.

Anticipating: The return of The Husband this weekend. He's been in Las Vegas for a work training since Sunday, and the days until Saturday when he gets home have been ddddrrrraaagggiiinnnggg. It's been a struggle not to just eat pints of ice cream for dinner. 


  1. Did a grandparent die?? I'm so sorry! I know the feeling of sadness when you don't think they were truly born again.

    I bet you're feeling the baby!! That's so exciting. I started feeling it once or twice at 16/17 weeks. You'll probably start feeling it more and more each day. Isn't it weird/so awesome?

  2. I eat terribly when Scott's not around, unless I'm planning ahead and prepping.
    Boo to feeling uncomfortable...I mean, I like getting into my sweatpants too, but still. Maybe try maternity jeans now?
    Has the family situation still not resolved? Sigh. I feel like you do need a trip home to resolve that.
    I feel like I might be the only person who isn't over the moon for those metal carts. I mean, they're fine, but I don't really want one.

  3. I love that Closer song. It kept playing on the radio as we were on a road trip a couple of months ago. I like to listen to it while I'm cleaning- but then I end up getting distracted by the need to dance to it.
    So sorry to hear about your grandparent-I was just thinking yesterday how much I miss my grandparents.
    That's so exciting about the flutters!!! I wouldn't know either. I get one tiny pain in my side and I catch my self googling for the signs of cancer. I'm weird 😂

    1. Haha, it seriously is so catchy! Cleaning always takes me twice as long when I'm listening to music, too. But it's also twice as fun.

      Thanks, I wasn't super close to the grandma who recently passed away (she lives halfway across the country and I haven't actually seen her since I was about 15) but it's still sad when anybody in the family dies!

  4. Ugh boo to the family situation. Sorry you have to deal with stuff like that.

    1. Thank you! No fun, hopefully it'll be resolved sooner rather than later!

  5. I'm sorry about your loss and crummy family situation. On the bright side, you probably are feeling baby. Best ever!

    When I think of smelling a gas station I think of the bathroom and I'm nut sure if that's worse than gas or not. And speaking of stinky, the thought of hard boiled eggs makes my stomach turn. I can't believe you're pregnant and so into them. I had a need for them while I was pregnant a couple times, but new the thought just turns my stomach.

    So, um, you're basically halfway through your pregnancy. Eat the darn ice cream because we're celebrating! Plus Isaiah's coming home, so doubly worthy.

  6. I bet you're feeling the baby! I didn't feel R until about 21 weeks or so, but I've felt kicks from this one already! Although not every day. They feel like little pops and are so fun :) Yay!

  7. Sorry to hear about the loss of your grandparent. And the complicated family stuff. Families can be so complicated at times and sometimes I wish everybody would just make the best and most reasonable choices.
    What are your job plans for after baby?

  8. I love the song Closer too! It came on as I pulled into the driveway the other night and I sat in the car and listened until it was over! That book about the White House sounds interesting. Although I'd like some juicy details too!

  9. Sorry to hear about your loss and the family situation :(

    I bet it is baby movement that you're feeling! I think I was around 19-20 weeks when I started feeling what I thought was movement...of course I wasn't sure either, but then I started feeling it more often and more distinctly. So awesome!

    Yay for Isaiah coming home, and for being pretty much halfway through your pregnancy! (I say eat the ice cream!)

  10. That picture! Ahh beautiful. The sky is so pink. And I cannot stop listening to that song either. I'm so sorry about your grandparents. I lost my grandma a couple months ago and sometimes it's okay, and sometimes I feel like I'm being hit by a ton of bricks. Lots of hugs!

  11. Ha! That alternative facts book is amazing.

    Isn't it weird how good/catchy that song is?! Nick and I also enjoy that song, but try and avoid listening to the words too much, haha.

    I bet those flutters are baby! Why wouldn't they be? You have a baby in you!!

    I'm sorry to hear about your grandparents.